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Shanahan back in the NHL

The most dapper photo I could find…

Shanny’s days as a player may be over, but we all knew he couldn’t stay away from hockey. I suspected he’d be tapped to run the union, although that would make far too much sense for anyone associated with the NHLPA to actually pull the trigger on it.

He will, however, be returning to the NHL in some capacity, though details are a little slim at the moment. It was announced today that Brendan Shanahan has been hired as the Vice President of Hockey and Business Development, and will work closely with Bill Daly and Gary Bettman, as well as Colin Campbell and Hockey Operations. In related news, I’d also like to be the Vice President of Hockey.

The news broke around 11am this morning. According to Bob McKenzie of TSN, via Twitter:

Shanahan will be formally announced on Bettman’s radio show today as being hired by the NHL. Sources say Shanahan will work in NYC office with Bettman and Daly but will also be involved with Campbell and Hockey Ops in Toronto.

A link to the story on TSN appeared a few minutes later.

Brendan Shanahan immediately becomes the most clear-thinking employee of the National Hockey League, and we at TPL think he’s going to turn this damn thing around if it kills him. Gray skies are gonna clear up…put on a happy face!

Congratulations, Shanny.