The Production Line – TP:60

Archived version of TPL – Hosted by DetroitHockey.Net

Advertising on TPL

Thank you for your interest in advertising on The Production Line, as well as The Production Hour Podcast. We have various opportunities for your business and would love to discuss them with you. From a small logo (that links to your website) to a thirty second spot on the weekly podcast, and a multitude of options in between, TPL has an advertising solution that will raise your exposure while fitting within your budget.

:: Logos must be a minimum of 125 x 125 pixels.
:: For good quality, please ensure the image resolution is at least 300 DPI.
:: We can accommodate most types of image files and prefer a permalinked URL.
:: We’re happy to work with you and make sure your logo fits the specifications.

:: If you have a produced thirty- or sixty-second spot, we’re happy to run it during the podcast.
:: We’re happy to work with you to create a custom spot, or just have a spoken spot, if you prefer.

To request more information or an advertising rate sheet, please e-mail us at