TP:60 — Episode 22


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One more episode before the Holidays, and we deliver an early Chrismahanukwanzaa present:

  • Call-up :: Hollis was en route back to Seattle and Petrella was back in the captain’s chair. Did someone say Technical Difficulties? Fret not, Disch and Stevie are there to pick up the pieces.
  • The Pipeline: Mitch Callahan :: A great chat with a great kid, the Griffins tough guy shares some stories from the road and gets the full TPL treatment.
  • Your Mustache Sucks, Too :: We offered Mitch (@emcy1five) a change to respond to Brendan Smith’s comments on the last episode about Callahan’s mustache. Turns out Smith is a super model, so he knows what’s hot.
  • Fan Moment :: What an awesome chat with a talented and promising young man, Nick Barnowski (@NickBarnowski). He tells us about his time in the Wings locker room, making friends with some of the guys, and shares some college plans. Make sure you follow his blog at
  • Thirty Good Minutes :: Sarah Lindenau (@lindy72) of The Left Wing Lock swings by for a kick-ass chat about the prospects, the likelihood of a Wings deal, and whether or not this team is on Championship track.

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