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Waivers and the 2014-15 Roster

If you follow @TPLHockey on Twitter, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’m one of the more outspoken critics of the way that this current Red Wings team has been assembled, and the arguable mismanagement of the roster — and the way that the younger players have been handled — the last few off-seasons. I’m not […]

The 2013 Pledges Are Upon Us!

Note: at the bottom of this post, you’ll be able to submit your pledge. We will post the form in several places, but you may always return to this page to pledge. We will make the form a permanent link on the Blogroll to the right. –> If the bulk of the text looks familiar, […]

Clearing the Logjam

As we motor towards the 2013-14 NHL season, the Detroit Red Wings’ first in the Eastern Conference (or whatever it’ll be called), it’s no secret that there are more bodies than there are roster spots. At this very moment, the Wings have 23 players signed to NHL contracts, and that number will increase to 25 […]

Final 2013 NHL Mock Draft

I covered the bulk of this material a few weeks ago with this post… but so much changes as you near the Draft that it was time to update the mock draft. I usually research upwards of 100 or 150 guys, but this year scaled it back a touch. I never get the order right, […]

Roster Monster Mash

It’s that time of year again, where we endlessly discuss what next season’s Detroit Red Wings will look like when they take the ice as a member of the Eastern Conference. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), we’re looking at a lot of the same bodies in the lineup next season, without […]

2013 Draft

Later this month, NHL clubs will gather in New Jersey (gross, I know) to take turns selecting the 18-year-olds that they’re going to be adding to their prospect cupboards. The Red Wings — assuming they don’t trade their pick — will select 18th overall. If they had won their second round series against the Blackhawks, […]

Online Songs

And if we can have another day, I’ve got so much left to say, I’d tell you everything. Blink-182, “Online Songs” Everyone has a favorite band or musical artist. The human connection to music begins early in life and continually evolves as the years go by. And while musical tastes may ebb and flow, most […]

It’s not me, NHL… it’s you.

I’ve long said that I’ll love hockey until the day that I die. It’s easy to love our game – it’s beautiful, it’s difficult, it’s taken me to places that I would have only dreamed of if I wasn’t moderately talented on a pair of steel blades. From infancy, I was hooked and I have […]

About Last Night: The Finland Chronicles

As previously noted, TPL headed over to Helsinki, Finland to take in a SM-liiga game between Jokerit and Saipa. Here are my raw, unedited and completely pointless ramblings from an evening of Finnish hockey… First Period 20:00 – We’ve made it.  Not quite a full house, but both end zones are boisterous and chanting. Jokerit […]