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Jan. 23 :: You Are Part Of A League of Morons

WHAT’S ALL THIS THEN? At the behest of Disch, we continue our theme of Brad Pitt inspired pregames this week. “Burn After Reading” gets us set for the fifth of six matchups between the Wings and Blues. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a postgame wrap-up too! (Sorry about Saturday folks.) The NBC Sports Network is […]

Dec. 30 :: Wipe Them Out, All of Them

WHAT’S ALL THIS THEN? First of six matchups against those clowns from Chicago this year. First “episode” of Star Wars pregame themes. We’re hoping that starting with Episode 1 (the shittiest one) doesn’t translate to a shitty performance on the ice tonight for the Wings. Red Wings and Hawks, 8:30 PM Eastern. FSD has you […]

The Top Shelf: Back to Work

How does this thing work again???:: After gorging ourselves on the finest food and consuming all of the best top shelf adult beverage offerings, we’ve finally pried ourselves off the leather and cherry-wood couches and are ready to get back to work here at TPL. Apologies for the lack of posting around the St. Louis win […]

Like You Mean It…

FINAL SCORE (Hi Mr. P!) 4-2 Whales THE RUNDOWN We all give Mike Babcock alot of grief around here for using the same tired quotes when the Wings take one solidly on the chin. So then it’s extra fitting that when watching the first period of the shitshow in Vancouver, the first thing that pops […]

Just Like They “Drew” It Up: Wings Win 3-2

FINAL SCORE (Hi Mr. P!) 3-2 Red Wings THE RUNDOWN It sure as hell wasn’t pretty, which makes the ending even more fitting. The Captain unleashes a blast, Miller re-directs it and Dan Cleary winds up on his ass on the ice. That’s the kind of Red Wings hockey I like to see. I’m willing […]

Dec. 19 :: You Look for Oil?

WHEN AND WHERE? Oh hey there. Nice to see you again. You may remember me as one of the folks who writes things around here. How are things? Good? Excellent. Let’s get to it. Red Wings and Oil, 9:30 PM Eastern. FSD has you covered. WHERE WERE WE? :: Detroit crushed the Kings on Saturday, […]

Dec. 6 :: Running On Ice

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT After seven games of gloriousness, the Wings came back down to Earth with a loss to the Dive on Sunday. They’ll look to get back to the river that is running to the promised land tonight in St. Louis. 7:30 PM at whatever the current name of St. Louis’ […]

Nov. 30 :: Baby Now I Got the Flow

WHAT’S ALL THIS THEN First of all, I haven’t done one of these in like two weeks, so you know it’s going to be rough. Things that don’t help: I’m stuck in San Jose for the week and have to go to a Sharks game on Thursday. Wings v. Bolts. Stevie Y is back in […]