It's going to be hard to break the habit of picking on Hudler.If you’ve ever wanted a drawing from me, now is the time to get it. I’m opening up commissions, ideally to raise a bit of money to a certain winter event coming up. Details behind the cut. (And don’t worry, I should be posting a few more Red Wing cartoons here soon-ish, and as always, you can find me at Biscuit Fox.)

Commission Types


Ink: $15 / Color: $25

Full Body:

Ink: $25 / Color: $40

Both busts and full bodies are sketched and inked on Bristol board, with digital coloring. Flat/gradient color backgrounds are free, complex backgrounds extra based on description.

Custom Twitter picture:

$15-20, based on detailing

Purely digital 400×400 drawing of you or whoever, to be used as an icon picture for Twitter or Tumblr. Price based on description.

More complex pieces (like the political cartoon I did for Winging It In Motown) are available for $50 and up. Email me for more details on that one.

Please email me at stevieroxelle [at] gmail [dot] com to commission me.