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How Much Is Too Much?

As #SuterWatch clears Day 3 without any answers, seemingly more questions have begun to arise around the financial factors weighing on the 27 year-old defenseman. We now know that both Detroit and Minnesota sent representatives to Suter Farms in Madison, WI today, and the report from Helene St. James is that the Wings elevated their offer to $90 million over 13 years – a cap hit of roughly $6.9 million per season. At first blush, I thought that number was a bit low, but it appears it’s a $10 million increase from the Wings opening salvo.

There’s no doubt there’s going to be some big numbers flying around over the next day or so, but it’s doubtful that’s the only thing influencing Suter’s decision. That said, one would hope the Wings are willing to up the ante as much as necessary to secure Suter. Which is where you come in.

Simply: How much is too much for Ryan Suter?

Some will argue that there’s mountain (of cash) too high for landing Suter’s talents, while others may be more pragmatic with an eye towards the future. At any rate, there’s bound to be a plethora of opinions. So as you crack open that first beer of Independence, take a second and let us know in the comments how far your wallet would stretch for Mr. Suter.

Hell, I’ll even get the party started: Anything north of $8.5 million per season, and I’m starting to pucker up.

The floor is yours.

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9 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much?”

  1. That cap hit seems like a lot now, but just assuming a 3% inflation rate, a $7m contract now = $9.4m in 10 years.  Obviously he’s probably not going to perform like a $7m man over the length of his contract. However, given that FA is likely our only chance at getting an elite defenseman in the near future, I’m more worried about missing this chance than overspending. (says the guy who’s money isn’t being thrown around)

  2. Anything over 7.5 is too much. 
    One player can impact the game dramatically, but (and it pains me to say this) forward is really where you should try and spend your money.

    While the cost of finding a D man of similar skill is very high D is very team oriented, and teams have shown that a collection of good d men is better than one star and a collection of scrubs. 

    When it comes to D spread the wealth.

    1. Fair points, but there’s also something to be said about stars attracting more stars, no? The Wings lost a pretty big jewel from their crown…I think sometimes its about making statements of intent.

    2. Y’know Brad, I generally agree with you (as a center I would)…..but we are talking about a guy who will play 45 percent of a playoff game, and the market is determining his price. I think the right calculus on this is “what does it take” because we aren’t growing a DMan this good anytime soon, and without him we cannot compete for da cup. So pay what you have to, and trust the cap to keep growing( which is plausible given that it almost doubled in this CBA).

  3. Never mind the price- it’s the principle of the thing.

    I know that these lengthy contracts are the new norm for star players, but I’m more put off by the term. Since he’s almost certainly not going to play like a $7M+ Perfect Human for a decade, why keep him around that long? Reality of the cap era, I guess. 
    That said, anything more than the $7M per he’s been offered (rounding up a bit) is too much. I’m sure he’ll get more actual money for the first few years, but it all comes out in the wash. If, as his agent is saying, it’s less about the money and more about a young guy deciding where he wants to live and work for a decade, another few million on top of the 90 he’s already been offered shouldn’t matter.

    1. I wouldn’t worry so much about the length (giggity). What with the coming zombie-apocalypse and all. 

  4. His cap hit can’t be more than Lidstrom’s was. That’s the ceiling for me. Having 6 players eat more than 50% of the cap is crazy.

    Datsyuk ($6.7m), Z ($6.1), Kronwall ($4.75m), and Franzen ($4m) ties up $21.55m or 30.35% of our cap. Stuart at $7m and Filppula at $4m adds $11m bringing us up $32.55m or 45.65%. That’s assuming we don’t add another forward like Parise, Nash or Ryan. Assuming that that player costs about $5m (which is on the low end) will tie up $37.55m on 7 players. 53% of a cap on 32% of our team (assuming we have 22 NHL players) leaves us in a tight position for future years but is doable.

    If Suter’s hit goes north of $7m and is longer than 4 years then I’d say thanks but no thanks. Either that or you NEED rookie contracts (like 3-4) to balance out the cap hit. But yeah $7m on a long contract is fine. North of $7.5m means we need a shorter contract. North of $8m means 2 years maximum.

  5. It’s kind of crazy to think that Ryan Suter is going to get a salary equal to Kronwall + Ericsson (give or take). 13 years/90 million comes to 6.9 million and change.  I think anywhere between that and 7.5 would be the most I’d really want to spend. 

    Obvious Ryan Suter is going to be a huge impact player for wherever he signs, but is he really worth almost 2 players? Kronwall and Ericsson aren’t exactly slouches. 

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