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Good day for Oates

Adam Oates is having a better day than you.

The former Detroit Red Wing was named the newest head coach of the Washington Capitals this morning. A few hours later, he was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Pretty excellent day.

In other Hall of Fame news, Brendan Shanahan was passed over in favor of Pavel Bure, Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, and Oates. Shanahan will be eligible again next year, and he’ll be joined by Chris Chelios on the ballot.

Photo Credit: Steve Babineau, Getty Images

1 thought on “Good day for Oates”

  1. Someone pointed out that Lindros has been available for 3 years now and still hasn’t made it. Perhaps there are grudges on the voting committees or unseen politics keeping guys like Shanny and Lindros out of the HHoF

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