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Gradient of Failure: November 29th

Click to enlarge. Last week’s gradient is here.


  • Filppula has moved up. His play in the past two games has been great, and is probably the most impressive forward we have right now (vying with Franzen and Datsyuk for that spot).
  • Emmerton is making little mistakes and not making up for them with anything good. I feel like he’s playing solidly on the penalty kill at least, but he has to start worrying about his roster spot now that Mursak is close to returning.
  • Bertuzzi is sneakily gliding down the Gradient, staring at us from 2.5 with those dead eyes…
  • Jimmy has a White hat again.
  • Voting table behind the cut.

[table id=40 /]

4 thoughts on “Gradient of Failure: November 29th”

  1. Howard with the White Hat and Hudler is in partial Clearyclipse.  No nitpicks this week; I’m well within the standard deviation on all these picks.

  2. Not to beat a dead horse but shouldn’t Conks also be in 11 territory?  When you’ve been that bad that your coach is afraid to start you in back to backs for fear that you’ll sap the life out of a streaking team, then I think your level of suckitude might actually be off the charts. 

    1. 11 is reserved for Ericsson, in my mind. =)

      He’s definitely a ten for me. For a while, I was okay giving him the 8’s and 9’s because of that shutout in his season debut. But any sort of good will he had built is long gone. Like whoa. 

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