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Gradient of Failure” November 22nd

Click to enlarge. Last week’s gradient is here.


  • Again, only Petrella and my votes are in at the moment, check back later to see if either of the other guys input their votes. Updated with Hollis’s scores at 2:30 pm EST.
  • Thursday’s game against the Sharks doesn’t have much weight on the votes, since as it was a very sour, horrible game for me and I’m pretending it never happened.
  • Datsyuk and Zetterberg have improved dramatically. Funny what some goals and assists will do for you on here.
  • Filppula’s fat head is blocking Cleary at the 2.5 spot. In fact, we have a distinct clusters around 2 to 3.5. They all played solidly in the past two games. The surprise there is Brad Stuart, who zoomed back from a failure level of 6 (and before that 7.3), to 3.5. Hollis mentioned on the last TP:60 that he seems to play well on the west coast, probably because of the proximity to his family.
  • Bertuzzi has also made a huge jump away from failure. Since he’s been back from his short-term sinus illness, he’s played with a lot of grit and energy.
  • If you notice the table below (fancy!), you can see Petrella voted Ericsson as an 11, which means he’s technically a 10.5. I don’t go over the axes, so he’s hugging the 10 pretty tightly.
  • Brendan Smith is playing pretty well for learning on the job, but the key words there is learning. He’s definitely improving the longer he plays, and has flashes where he looks like a solid NHL defenseman, but he’s also making a lot of flubs and the second Ducks goal was partially because he blew coverage. That’s why he got a 5.

Follow behind the cut to see the voting table.

[table id=39 /]

9 thoughts on “Gradient of Failure” November 22nd”

  1. Oh what a difference a week makes.  Great work guys!  Keep up the good work  It’s nice to see more of the team above the middle.  Let’s get more guys up there!

  2. Nickname for Jimmy Howard based on the gradient picture: Papa Smurf (because he looks like he’s wearing a White hat…. god I hate myself).  Of course it could be worse. If their salaries were reversed, White would be wearing a Jimmy-cap (still hate myself BTW).

    I’d probably slide Emmerton in at a 7 or 8. Expectations are low, but so is performance. Kid’s playing himself onto waivers at this pace.

    I also think Datsyuk and Zetterberg are too close together, but that’s nitpicky.

  3. Personally, I feel like Abdelkader should be higher than he is. The kid plays with lots of energy, he chips in some goals, and he draws a lot of penalties. For his salary and his role, I’d say he’s doing a very good job. 

    1. ericsson really should have his own strata. he’s the only guy that routinely deserves a 12. i rant and rave to my gf all the time and even she’s wise to his suckitude now. we went to both games out west and when he lost coverage in anaheim on the koivu goal i knew it was coming when the ducks were breaking out. he also made a super lazy pass up the boards when ryan had his near-goal. i genuinely cannot understand how this guy is on this team at this salary.

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