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Gradient of Failure: November 16th

Click to enlarge. Here’s last week’s gradient.


  • Petrella and I are the only votes here, and his votes did not reflect last night’s game. Hollis got his scores in this morning,  so I’ve updated the gradient at 6:45 ET to reflect that.
  • Zetterberg and Datsyuk have crept farther up the Failure axis. They are not playing at a level expected of them,  especially Datsyuk. I’ve watched him try and carry the puck through two or three players, and lose it. We’re not totally sure what’s going on with them, but they aren’t playing well.
  • Franzen also moved up. He might have had a scoring streak, including a hat trick, but he played like ass last night. He was responsible for the egregious turnover that led to the Blues scoring their second goal.
  • Fuck you Jonathan Ericsson.
  • Commodore played a meager 6 minutes, and took a terrible penalty. Failure it is.

11 thoughts on “Gradient of Failure: November 16th”

  1. Hate to do it, but Z and Datsyuk are definitely a bit further down.  Their play has had a lot of try but not much do.  We need MOAR GOALS!

    1. Why?  Dude is playing very good and very consistent. He’s still letting in one every once in a while that he should have and so that’s why he falls down to 2. If it was me making this thing, Lidstrom and he would be the only two up top and the rest would fall well below that. Jimmy at least acted like he gave a crap last night and has every game so far this season.

          1. Just so you guys know, Howard got two “2” votes and one “1” vote. I’m not naming names here, but the person with the name that rhymes “Biss Mollis” voted Howard at 1. 

            Suck on that Bichal Metrella and Beevey Moxelle.

    1. I agree totally.  I think Dats whole problem is he is having to do to much on his own.  He spends more time picking up everyone’s slack instead of danglin’ and deke’n. 

  2. Jimmah has been our best player this year. He definitely should ahead of White and possible better than Lids. I would give him a zero if I had a vote.

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