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You Can’t Win Them All (Well, the Caps Still Could…)

"Scoring goals? No, I only smile for Tattoos and Family and Tattoos that say 'family'."

Final (Hi Mr. P!)
Caps 7, Red Wings 1

For a team that talked all week about “wanting to get back to playing”, the Wings sure didn’t look that interested in participating in Saturday’s heavyweight tilt against the Capitals for the first 30 minutes. The Embarrassment that it is Mike Green and his Edmund Dantes goatee scored two goals, Cory Emmerton gifted another one, and that was all the Capitals would need to take the title belt in this battle of undefeated teams. Frankly, neither team looked all that impressive for large chunks of the game, but the difference was in execution. The Caps capitalized when they had chances, the Wings didn’t. Instead of burying turnovers in the back of the net, Detroit buried shots in Tomas Vokoun’s stomach (granted, he did have some exceptional saves.) And when the Wings needed a big save (or 6) Ty Conklin didn’t answer the bell, letting in a few “dandies” that triggered the mechanism that automatically makes us here at TPL post this:

Caught ourselves just in time. Wait, no we didn’t. Shit.

Look: It’s one game. It happened on the back end of two games in a row. It happened with Fabian Brunnstrom and Patrick Eaves knocking off some rust. It’s not the last time it will happen this year. It just sucks that the Wings laid an egg in the first big game of the season on a national stage. Thems the breaks.


Bullets of Importance

  • Niklas Kronwall became the 11th Red Wing to score a goal this season, coming on a beautiful 5-on-3 power play. Despite a slow night tonight, the Wings are still clicking along and spreading the offensive wealth.
  • After really cranking it up last night, the power play took a step back tonight, going 1 for 4. While 25% is still pretty good, it’s still tough to watch a 5-on-3 fail to connect while the Wings set up fancy sets and find the perfect shot.
  • Conklin was NOT GOOD. OK, now that we’ve established that, neither was his support. Conklin gave up a few that were pretty freaking ugly, but Kronwall and Stuart were terribly out of position on the first goal, Emmerton gifted the second, Kronwall got caught pinching on the fifth and Riggy Shitbox forgot about the slot on the sixth. After five games with a defense that looked outstanding, expectations have now plummeted back down to Earth.
  • Hats off to Tomas Vokoun. Dude looks like he’s on a mission from God to win at all costs and he sure as hell played like it tonight. Some seriously spectacular saves.

Bullets of Less Importance

  • Mike Green is a tool.
  • I blame Doug from Puck Buddys for this loss. He predicted a Red Wings win knowing full well that he was just clowning us into a false sense of security. Sneaky mother fucker right there. In that case, the Caps are going to win 27-1 when they come visit in March, Doug. Boom.

The Disch Approved “Horsecop” of the Game
Niklas Kronwall backs into this one since he’s the only Wing who scored a goal.

The Riggy “Shitbox” of the Game
Maybe Ty Conklin used up all his talents bagging groceries during the week off. After tonight, he might have a career in it sooner than thought.

Loss Candy

If anything can break the Russian Machine, our money is on Irina Shayk.

This is Sean Biloski. I have no idea why he is important. Other than his good looks.

What’s Next?
Tuesday in Columbus. Petrella has your pregame.

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  1. And the BJs managed to lose tonight – giving up 2 goals in the final 37 seconds. Tuesday should be interesting.

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