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TP:60 – Episode #9

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Fresh (and hot!) off of a triumphant run to glory with #operationcurlyfries, TP:60 continues to bring the heat this week. Hollis, Petrella and Disch are joined by Casey Richey from Winging It In Motown and Matt Saler from On the Wings in welcoming Grand Rapids Griffins “rookie” Ilari Filppula to the show. Ilari talks about his transition to the American game, how he sees his game developing and what his expectations within the organization are. The older Flip also breaks down who would win in an arm-wrestling match between him and Valtteri, what movie he defaults to during a day on the couch and (of course) which Disney princess is the one for him.

Following the chat with Larry Flip, the gang breaks down the Red Wings blue line, while also trying to figure out when Chris Osgood will get win #400. Per usual, the “Who would you rather?” sweepstakes brings the show home, although with a slight twist this week.

What happened to Michigan State and Jr. Roast Beef? They went down. Just like on TP:60.

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Ilari Filppula Photo Courtesy of Mark Newman

2 thoughts on “TP:60 – Episode #9”

  1. VipersGoneNotForgotten

    Great interview with Ilari, finally some discussion with someone who knows something about hockey! Also, it must be nice for those michigan fans to finally see their team beat the spartans in the big house. Hard to get that taste out of your mouth after a 34-17 jailsexing.

    Great blog guys.

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