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About TPL

Welcome to the new home of The Production Line, your multi-media platform for all things Red Wings, including – but not limited to – jailsexing you nasty. Three displaced Detroiters — and a lifelong Californian — find themselves spread all over humanity, but are bound together by a deep-seeded love for the Winged Wheelers. We’re proud to introduce our new space — and welcome the newest member of our brotherhood — and promise to bring you the insight, analysis, snark, and cartoons you’ve come to expect from the TPL brand.

Rob Discher :: @512Disch

A Michigan native and lifetime Wings fan, I’ve been described by longtime friends Salt N Pepa as having “a body like Arnold with a Denzel face” in their 1994 hit single “What a Man.” I currently reside in Austin, Texas and work as a PR flack.

Michael Petrella :: @mpetrella

Born to diehard Red Wings fans in Metro Detroit, I started skating as soon as I could stand upright. I played hockey my whole life – all the way up through college before moving to New York to work in television. Now fully entrenched in enemy territory of Pittsburgh, PA. While the other fellows speak in a well-educated manner, I tend to use low-brow expressions like “OH YEAH?” and “c’mere a minute.”

Chris Hollis :: @chollis

A displaced Red Wings fan and Detroiter living in the hockey “hotbed” of San Francisco, CA, I spent time covering the Red Wings over at Motown Wings and Winging it in Motown before finally settling down at TPL. Professionally, I share in the PR flack brotherhood with Rob, although I think he writes better press releases than me.

Stevie Roxelle :: @stevieroxelle

A latecomer to hockey, I immediately became a Wings fan despite living in California my whole life. Even though I’m known for my cartooning skills, I actually have a degree in biology and I’m currently getting my Master’s in duck courtship and pay bills by teaching freshmen about body parts.


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  1. @Chris Hollis: I met you at the M’s game this past Saturday. Maybe Detroit & Raburn would ring a bell 🙂 Just wanted to let you know I did stop by to check out the site! I love it, Go Red Wings! You should follow me on Twitter! @deenabella55

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