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Online Songs

And if we can have another day, I’ve got so much left to say, I’d tell you everything. Blink-182, “Online Songs” Everyone has a favorite band or musical artist. The human connection to music begins early in life and continually evolves as the years go by. And while musical tastes may ebb and flow, most […]

About Last Night: The Finland Chronicles

As previously noted, TPL headed over to Helsinki, Finland to take in a SM-liiga game between Jokerit and Saipa. Here are my raw, unedited and completely pointless ramblings from an evening of Finnish hockey… First Period 20:00 – We’ve made it.  Not quite a full house, but both end zones are boisterous and chanting. Jokerit […]

Sept. 25 :: Pond Hopping for Some Hockey

WHAT’S ALL THIS THEN? While everyone else in the blogosphere continues to suffer through the financial crisis known as the NHL lockout, TPL’s commitment to the game remains firm and unwavering. Simply: we go where the hockey is (or where the real jobs say we need to go.) So with the Nokia box on lockdown […]

Tick Tock: Time to Change Course?

At the beginning of this offseason, the normally reserved Ken Holland said something that many of us had been waiting to hear for a long, long time: “We’ve going to be active and aggressive in free agency.” Really, he had no choice. Nick Lidstrom’s retirement and Brad Stuart’s need to be with his family meant Holland was […]

How Much Is Too Much?

As #SuterWatch clears Day 3 without any answers, seemingly more questions have begun to arise around the financial factors weighing on the 27 year-old defenseman. We now know that both Detroit and Minnesota sent representatives to Suter Farms in Madison, WI today, and the report from Helene St. James is that the Wings elevated their […]

Hudler to Flames, Conner to ‘Yotes

As #Suterwatch rolls along with no end in sight, the Red Wings are now saying goodbye to a couple of players. Our favorite midget, Jiri Hudler, has received the payday he was looking for courtesy of the Calgary Flames, who inked him to a 4 year, $16 million contract this afternoon. The math is pretty […]

Here’s The Plan…

With 18 hours to go before the Detroit Red Wings change the course of a franchise that needs some new direction, there’s only one thing to do. Drink. No seriously, start drinking. It’s the only way you’ll get through a night with whoever you decide to hang out with without completely pissing them off. Dinner […]

Eulogizing the Blackhawks

Big thanks to @wyshynski for giving us the opportunity to pen the Blackhawks eulogy this season. Head on over and check it out. Also, be sure to tell us how much we suck in the comments. It’s a rite of passage.

Country Grammar: Previewing the Predators

Country Grammar: Two Ways. Take your pick. WHO’S THIS GUY? Wait, you don’t remember me? I don’t blame you. It’s been almost three months of Hollis-free TPL and I’m surprised Petrella and Disch even let me back in the front door. Three months of watching the Wings go from on top of the world to […]

St. Louis = Lindstomped

FINAL SCORE (Hi Mr. P!) 3-1 Wings. Suck it St. Louis. THE RUNDOWN Well how about that? For a team that has struggled to step up and deliver when there’s a cloud of hype and excitement, the Wings got it done and did it in a big way. With the win, they’ve opened up a […]