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H2H2 Pledges

We like to have fun at The Production Line — we’ve had a hell of a time poking fun at the Shetuzzi, highlighting the pros and cons of midget wrestling, and using 80’s rap lyrics for players’ nicknames.

We also like giving deserving folks a few bucks. As you may remember, we were proud to host the H2H pledge drive, which — over ten games — raised $2,518.08, about fifty percent of the total that was donated to Children’s Hospital. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — no one should ever be surprised by the generosity of hockey fans — particularly Red Wings fans.

This year, we’re excited to carry on the tradition — once again hosting a pledge drive, and once again raising money for Children’s Hospital — the charitable foundation that has partnered with H2H2 (official event date is set for March 11, 2011).

For TWELVE games — a full month of the calendar — you’ll be able to make your ridiculous bets and hilarious pledges, and every dime goes to Children’s Hospital when all is said and done. The following games are open season:

2/11 :: @ Boston
2/13 :: vs. Boston
2/17 :: @ Tampa Bay
2/18 :: @ Florida
2/20 :: @ Minnesota
2/22 :: vs. San Jose
2/24 :: vs. Dallas
2/26 :: @ Buffalo
2/28 :: @ Los Angeles
3/2 :: @ Anaheim
3/3 :: @ San Jose
3/5 :: @ Phoenix

Everyone’s total pledge will be due on MARCH 8TH.

If you want to make a pledge, click that giant button at the top of the page. It’ll take you to your e-mail client, where you can let us know exactly what you’d like to pledge — whether it’s $2/goal for the Sharks games, or $5 if Darren Helm scores, or something a bit more out of the ordinary. We had a lot of fun with them last year, and expect the same this year — but try to make it something quantifiable, if possible. Counting “bingo bangos” and if Player X was on the ice for Goal Y during Period Z of Game A was nearly impossible to keep track of. And we want to make sure the kids get every penny that’s coming to them.

Make sure you’re part of the festivities on March 11th! Ask anyone that was there last year, and they’ll tell you it’s a night/weekend you’ll never forget. Alternatively, ask anyone that missed out, and they’ll tell you they sorta hate themselves a little bit for missing it.

For $55, you get entrance to the party, all-you-can-eat and drink (alcohol excluded), and a ticket to the Wings and Oilers.

Contact Jen MacRostie to reserve your spot — because space is limited.

H2H2 Website
Children’s Hospital Website

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