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Red Wings lose to Jonathan Quick

Red Wings 0, Jonathan Quings 5

Sometimes, you’re just at the mercy of an opposing player. Tonight, it was Jonathan Quick. He flat out owned the Red Wings — despite the Wings’ extremely lopsided shot total. Once it was apparent that he wasn’t going to allow anything, the Wings basically gave up — allowing the floodgates (formerly Chris Osgood’s nickname) to open. Stinker.

I didn’t recognize Charlie Hunnam’s name, but he looked familiar so I looked him up. He’s the dude from Green Street Hooligans. A vastly underrated film — check it out sometime. Anyway, go ahead and thank @vikbash for this little bit of man-candy (m’andy?):

I had this post ready to go during the third, when it became out of reach (five goal deficit). But since @jmayDET had a special request for Loss Candy, I had to come back in and oblige. Congratulations on winning the calendar and Christmas ornament, boss. Enjoy your other gift: Scarlet Johansson — who’s not my type, but it takes all kinds. Also, I’m certainly not angry at her sweater.

7 thoughts on “Red Wings lose to Jonathan Quick”

  1. Somehow my wish for nude Jax is not satisfied, but still much appreciated (I totally did not make the connection to Green Street Hooligans)… Thanks for a bit of a smile.

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