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Are you ready for your close-up?

Get your webcams and Flipcams ready. I just received an e-mail from Nicole Yelland, Detroit Red Wings Social Networking Coordinator/Superstar, informing us that the Wings have something super awesome planned for the playoffs. Her words:

We’re working on on our opening video for the playoffs and need you to help us spread the word about how we want to have our fans (from all over the world) in it.

Essentially, we’re planning to compile videos of fans from all over Hockeytown telling us that they are Hockeytown.

The goal is to use the videos before the Wings hit the ice for home playoff games. You can find some more details and submit your video RIGHT HERE. Frankly, most of the information is technical stuff that I need a translator to understand, but that’s because I’m just north of computer illiterate. I’m certain some of you tech-savvy (and brutally handsome) readers and friends can rock this out in a few minutes.

Videos may not be longer than 10 seconds (for real, yo). Simply state “I am (name). I am (location). I am Hockeytown.”

So get on it Maria (Calgary), JJ (Kansas), Johnny (Texas), Serven, Sully and Jess (Arizona), Jenn (Colorado), Norm, Greg and Jason (CHICAGO), Beanie (Australia), Andrea (NYC), Macrostie (Wisconsin), Andrew (UK), Andy (Norway), Jeff (Boston), Kyle (New Jersey), Vicky (San Fran), Natalie and Brian (West Virginia), Hollis (Seattle), Masters and Tom (North Carolina), Mauvais (Ohio), Will (Washington), Blair (LA), Christine and Katie (Oregon), and Herm (Brazil). And so on, and so forth.

6 thoughts on “Are you ready for your close-up?”

  1. Am I the only one who's being forced to live in Florida? It's starting to get really freaking hot out, too.


  2. I can do one for North Carolina (based here now), Michigan (will be there next week) and California (be there in a month).
    Which to do, which to do?

  3. Man – it's a good thing I got a haircut and new glasses. I think I've got Asheville all taken care of…

  4. I totally thought I had "TPL picture of the year" locked up with the midget photo. I was wrong.

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