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Congratulations Team Canada

Congratulations to Team Canada. They now have as many gold medals (two) in the last half century as international hockey powerhouse Team Fuck Yeah America.

Now it’s time to make good on a bet. A $30 donation is headed to H2H. Thank Maria.

Our number one fan in the Marine Corps, Rob Masters, has matched our pledge and has also donated $30 to H2H, as we learned reading his Etched in Cold blog post.

High-five to Mike Babcock who adds an Olympic gold medal to his already impressive resume. Big-time congratulations to Steve Yzerman who has long been a Michigan hero and is now, rightfully so, a Canadian hero. Ken Holland, the greatest GM there’s ever been, adds another line to his resume. Hockey Canada can be proud of these men, and their players. A scenic route taken to the gold medal game, but a fantastic effort and champions … every one of them.

Please take a moment to recognize the efforts given by the following, each of them a deserving Silver Medalist:

  • David Backes
  • Dustin Brown
  • Brian Burke
  • Ryan Callahan
  • Chris Drury
  • Tim Gleason
  • Scott Gordon
  • Erik Johnson
  • Jack Johnson
  • Patrick Kane
  • Ryan Kesler
  • Jamie Langenbrunner
  • Ryan Malone
  • Ryan Miller
  • Brooks Orpik
  • Zach Parise
  • Joe Pavelski
  • David Poile
  • Jonathan Quick
  • Brian Rafalski
  • Lindy Ruff
  • Bobby Ryan
  • Peter Stastny
  • Ryan Suter
  • Tim Thomas
  • John Tortorella
  • Ryan Whitney
  • Ron Wilson

16 thoughts on “Congratulations Team Canada”

  1. congrats to Canada.. and to the USA. I rarely root for the US (political reasons + arrogance reasons), but I just might have gotten a new favourite national team in hockey. Even my brother, a Canada lover in extreme, told me per SMS that he rooted for the US. Drunk in Vienna and proud of MI and Rafa. Can I blame this on 20 cent?

  2. I'm very proud of team USA. They came up just short, but surpassed just about everybody's expectations. Going back to the NHL regular season is going to be a bit tough to going back to disliking some of these guys (naturally, some will be easier than others).

    Congrats on your gold medals, Canada.

  3. Applause for the Americans – and I guess since Canada's teams can't win Stanley Cups they can win something.

    But dammit, why the hell did it have to be Crosby.

  4. I'm just glad I got to watch a hockey game in its entirety. And I'm glad it was the US and Canada. And I'm glad Canada won (though I'd rather it had been the USA). It would have been nice for another Miracle, but damn it if TFYA didn't do a stellar job with the hockeying.

    Congrats to our boys (and to theirs)!

    Anybody else avert their eyes for the medal ceremony? I truly believe that if I'd had to look at Crosby for one second longer, my eyeballs would have retreated into my skull and taken a tiny chainsaw to the parts of my brain that remember horrible things like root canals, Bambi, stories my dad used to tell me about Vietnam and … Sidney Crosby.

  5. Congrats to Canada and their management for a job well done. I'm happy for Babbles, Stevie, and Tick Tock, but I'm done with Canada borrowing them. We've got a game to play tomorrow (screw you, Gary Bettman). The game was fantastic, a display of how good both these teams were, and the excitement over the last minute goal by Parise was amazing. It was fitting to end in OT. I just thought that MAYBE that Canada would get some Red Wing Luck, and lose it in OT… I was actually not overly disappointed when Canada won (I had my expectations in line with reality, hopeful as I was), but I nearly vomited when I saw who it was that scored the goal. Sid the Kid, Lord and Savior of Canadian Hockey. I'm glad I don't live in Canada, because pretty soon you'd be looking at his stupid face on every postage stamp in the nation. Why couldn't it have been Iginla? Or Staal? Or Morrow? Or hell, even Heatley?

    Congrats to TFYA. I'm so so proud of them, and I've come to be a fan of players I wouldn't normally give a chance to (Backes, Kesler, Parise, Malone, Suter) because they were opponents of the Wings. I think they exceeded everyone's expectations and showed just how far a team with hard work, heart, and an unbelievably awesome goaltender can go. IF the NHL allows players to play in Sochi, most of these players are just barely entering their prime, and we've got a lot of good talent coming up, so I think the future is very bright for USA hockey.

    That being said, I'm glad to have everything right itself in the world. I can go back to hating Kane, I saw glimpses of NHL-Raffy in the game (as opposed to supernaturally Olympic-Raffy), and I can no longer be afraid of the Babcock Death Stare.

  6. Don't forget these guys. They did , you know, WIN THE GOLD.

    * Martin Brodeur, 37 (New Jersey Devils)
    * Roberto Luongo, 30 (Vancouver Canucks)
    * Marc-Andre Fleury, 25 (PittsburghPenguins)
    * Scott Niedermayer, 36 (Anaheim Ducks)
    * Chris Pronger, 35 (Philadelphia Flyers)
    * Shea Weber, 24 (Nashville Predators)
    * Drew Doughty, 20 (Los Angeles Kings)
    * Duncan Keith 26 (Chicago Blackhawks)
    * Dan Boyle, 33 (San Jose Sharks)
    * Brent Seabrook, 24 (Chicago Blackhawks)
    * Sidney Crosby, 21 (Pittsburgh Penguins)
    * Rick Nash, 25 (Columbus Blue Jackets)
    * Jarome Iginla, 32 (Calgary Flames)
    * Mike Richards, 25 (Philadelphia Flyers)
    * Joe Thornton, 30 (San Jose Sharks)
    * Patrick Marleau, 30 (San Jose Sharks)
    * Ryan Getzlaf, 24 (Anaheim Ducks)
    * Brenden Morrow, 31 (Dallas Stars)
    * Corey Perry, 24 (Anaheim Ducks)
    * Dany Heatley, 29 (San Jose Sharks)
    * Eric Staal, 25 (Carolina Hurricanes)
    * Patrice Bergeron, 25 (Boston Bruins)
    * Jonathan Toews, 21 (Chicago Blackhawks)

  7. They did indeed win the gold. We'll be hearing about it for four fucking years. I thought maybe Canada could give 11 seconds while visiting The Production Line to tip their hat to Team USA.

    If you notice, I was classy enough to give the opponent a shout out. It's a shame you couldn't do the same.

    Way to go, I'm sure you're making your fellow citizens (who are OVERWHELMINGLY classy) proud.

  8. The classy remark was not sarcastic. Canadians are, by and large, wonderful people.

    And then there are anonymous posters.

  9. The gold will come in handy as Vancouver has a billion dollar debt to pay off after the games.

    And I will have no trouble forgetting any of them, as so many of them are gigantic classless douchebags.

  10. Baroque,

    Perhaps you should realize that it's "classless" in and of itself to call others "classless"…

    Can't get over how many people on both sides of a great game, can never seem to take winning and losing in stride without attacking each other or the other team…wow!

  11. If there's one thing the internet has taught me when it comes to international sports talk, it's tha familiarity breeds contempt.

    If there's two lessons: it's that familiarity breeds contempt, and we're all more alike than some of us would like to admit.

    As a U.S. Citizen, I congratulate team Canada, but I'm happy for team USA.

  12. Thanks for Canadian-aimed congratulations, Petrella.

    I can't say I'm surprised by the American team. Coming into this tournament I had a strong feeling that they would finish with a medal. They were young, hungry, determined and anchored by the best goaltender in the world right now. They had underdog written all over them. And in the end, they accomplished something worth being proud of. They easily could have come out the victor.

    The Americans earned every single ounce of silver in their medals, of that there is no doubt. Even as a Canadian, on a personal level, I grew to like the players on the US team more. Miller, Parise, Kesler, Langenbruner, Suter and of course Raffi? Fantastic, all of them.

    While I proud of my country and my team, I'm not sad at all that I can continue hating Pronger, Perry, Getslaf, Neidermayer and yes, that bastard golden boy, Crosby. While wearing the maple leaf, they are brothers, but as soon as they take it off, they are enemies once again. Thanks for the gold, I hope you fail at everything else.

    All the US-based Red Wings blogs were considerably gracious, light-hearted and sportsmanlike the whole tournament. Thanks for that, and please, do not take the bullshit spewing trolls seriously.

    One final salute to Team Fuck Yeah America:

    Goddamn good game, eh. Hats off.

    Sunday was a great day for hockey. Period. Cheers to a legendary game.

  13. Pilgrim, you're my honorary favorite Canadian of the day. Thank you for your kind words.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again — hats off to Hockey Canada, every bit deserving gold medalists.

    And yes, now the universe is back to normal and we can ALL hate the Prongers, Getzlafs, Niedermayers, Crosbys, and Perrys together. I love sharing that boat with Americans and Canadians alike.

  14. Micheal,

    You are a bigger person than I, as I would never give a shout out/hat tip to Canada. Except: Babs, Stevie, Kenny, Jerome Iginla, and Rick Nash. My hatred of Cindy now burns with the intensity of 1 million suns. I thank Gary and NBC for that, assholes.

    There is a special place in hell for bottom feeders that "troll" the internet and leave derrogatory comments on opposing team blogs. Nice, apparently they have nothing better to do in their pitiful, boring, moms-basement living lives.

    Chin-up Baroque, it will get better, I promise, when another AMERICAN team brings home the Stanley Cup.

    God, douchebags. You all know that Anonymous is Corey Perry, right?

  15. Well said, Dena.

    All of a sudden, I'm getting flashbacks to June when Penguins fans would rather come around and rub it in Red Wings fans faces THAN CELEBRATE their victory. If the Wings won the Cup (like they have, ya know, 11 times), I'd be too busy celebrating my ass off to give a flying fuck what the Penguins blogs are talking about. In fact, I don't give a shit what they're talking about right now…


    @JJ :: Well said. I, too, congratulation Canada and am so proud of our boys in Blue.

    @Baroque :: Yeah, it's unfortunate that it had to be Crosby. We just can't get away from that guy. Although, if it had been Perry, we'd be saying "Anyone but Perry!" and if it had been Getzlaf, "Anyone but Getzlaf!" But then we'd remember that Crosby counts as "anyone but…" and we'd live with Perry and Getzlaf. We're forced to swallow Crosby. And it tastes gross.

    @Turtle Tracks :: I don't blame you for turning it off. The Crosby love is mind-boggling. He's a good hockey player, but he's not the savior of all that is Holy. BUT! You can't deny he scored a huge goal. What a mess… for Wings fans, I mean. HA!

    @Nitz :: I, too, saw the familiar Rafalski, damnit if he didn't play lights out in the tournament. Let's hope he can carry that AWESOME into the final 21 Wings games, eh?

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