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The Highlander hangs ’em up

Note: does not actually look like a frolicking Christopher Lambert

Just as I launch into a diatribe (I almost used the word “missive,” but I’m all but certain Malik has that term copy written) in which I basically call a Red Wings beat writer a dick, one of the good ones is calling it a day.

Bruce MacLeod, or The Highlander as he’s been known since the old day of TPL (ya know…. July…), from the Macomb Daily has taken a role as the online editor, meaning he’s waving goodbye to the Wings beat. First things first, congratulations to Mr. MacLeod, it’s a wonderful opportunity and – from the sound of his farewell post – it looks like he’s looking forward to more “normal” hours and increased family time.

Wings fans are feeling rather jailsexed, with one fewer quality writer – but here’s hoping The Highlander’s replacement, Chuck Pleiness, is ready to carry the torch.

1 thought on “The Highlander hangs ’em up”

  1. Wow, congrats to Bruce. Welcome aboard to Chuck, good luck as a deep digger, buddy; you're going to need it.

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