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Williams also cast-free, no one cares

Hey guys…GUYS! Guys, over here! Guys? Guys, where are you going?

Like Valtteri Filppula, Red Wings winger Jason Williams also had his cast removed on Monday. The difference is he received exactly 100% less press than Flip did, and almost a whole week went by before anyone noticed.. In desparation, J-Will told the Free Press:

I’ll talk to the doctor tonight and, hopefully, I can get rid of these crutches soon. Hopefully, maybe tomorrow or maybe Monday.

Williams paused, looked around, realized that no one was listening anymore, as the room full of reporters was now admiring Valtteri Filppula’s totally awesome hair.

Is it me or is it amazing that a broken leg healed this fast? And here I am milking this in-grown hair for two months…but anyway, does anyone else remember when Ville Leino, Valtteri Filppula, and Jason Williams formed the “best” line night in and night out? Two of those guys are injured, and the other one may as well be. But, when all these guys are firing on all cylinders should we expect the same kind of fireworks?

Williams has missed fifteen games since snapping his fibula in Toronto. It would appear he’s on track for his predicted January return. Since Williams was injured, Brad May and Kirk Maltby have been healthy scratches four times each, Ville Leino twice, and Patrick Eaves once, which should shed some light on who should be feeling the fire under their ass as players as getting set to return.

Photo Credit: Claus Andersen, Getty Images

1 thought on “Williams also cast-free, no one cares”

  1. Hehe. Here's my healthy lineup (as written down during my international politics exam on monday):
    Mule – Pasha – Homer
    Cleary – Z – Helm
    Williams – Filppula – Eaves
    Miller – Draper – Bertuzzi

    Nick – Rafa
    Stuy – Kronner
    E – Lilja

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