Didn’t take long for DMac to get work

Last week, we mentioned that Darren McCarty was hanging them up, for all intents and purposes. He mentioned in his radio interview that he’d be interested in doing some commentating, and offered “just call me… I’m available.”

One of the perks to working in television is that I get this nifty daily newsletter alerting me to the wheelings and dealings of the industry. This morning, this little tid bit hit my inbox:

VERSUS invited three NHL Stanley Cup champs to be part of the Hockey Central studio team this month as guest analysts. Former coach Mike Keenan will join Bill Patrick, Keith Jones and Brian Engblom tonight for the Boston Bruins/Pittsburgh Penguins game starting at 7p. Coach Peter Laviolette joins the hockey crew on November 16 for the Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils match at 7p, and Darren McCarty, four-time Stanley Cup winner, will join the crew on November 23 for the Detroit Red Wings/Nashville Predators clash. 

Obviously, it says nothing of his future beyond November 23rd, but that’s a good start, eh? Looking forward to seeing him on Gary’s Little Closed Circuit Television Network (GLCCTN)