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Tonight, one of our own goes into the Hall. No disrespect to Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille, who also played for our beloved Winged Wheel, but tonight’s a night for our Stevie.

I won’t pretend that I can add anything that hasn’t already been said about The Captain, but I couldn’t in good conscience allow Monday, November 9th to go by without adding The Production Line to the long list of those that have thanked Mr. Yzerman today.

As Chief says in a must-read, he may have been loaned to Canada from time to time, but he’s ours. He embraced Detroit and the Red Wings in a way that almost no athlete ever does: an entire, two-decade career dedicated to one owner, one organization, one uniform, and one group of fans.

These two videos say more in a few seconds than any article could. Enjoy, and think of Stevie tonight.

2 thoughts on “19”

  1. Ha! Well, I did very little to make you cry. I'm sure it was Stevie that did that.

    I'm old enough to remember Stevie BEFORE the "C" and I'm honored to have experienced an entire career – crying more times than I'm sure I can recall.

    I remember, vividly, as he slid into the post, breaking a leg. I cried. Probably because I was 5.

    I remember 1995, when the Devils completed the inevitable sweep. I cried.

    I remember 1997, when the he finally got his hands on the Cup. I cried for three days.

    I remember 1998, when he handed it to Konstantinov. I cried.

    I remember the Cup in 2002, when I was in the second row. I cried until the building was empty.

    I remember 2004, seeing him writhe in pain behind the net, after the shot in the Flames game. I cried because I thought it was over and it was unfair that THAT'S how it would end.

    I remember when he said he was coming back. I cried I was so happy.

    I remember where I was on July 3, 2006, when I heard what I hoped I wouldn't. I cried.

    I watched the Anaheim game in 2007 when his jersey went up. I cried that I couldn't be there.

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