DMac hangs ’em up. More or less.

The Darren McCarty era may have come to an end in Detroit a year ago, but there goes one of the most beloved Red Wings of all time.

In an interview with’s Aaron Bell, Mac had this to say about his hockey playing future:

I haven’t officially, like, said [I’m retired], but in my mind, yes. And I’m one of those guys who, I can honestly walk away from the game and, and be happy. And not feel that it got cut short.

He goes on to say that he’d be interested in television, radio, scouting, coaching, whatever ya got. McCarty has had more than his fair share of adversity throughout a sixteen-year professional career, the vast majority of which with Detroit. He battled substance abuse, dealt with bankruptcy, and was forced to claw his way back into the league with the help of fellow Grind Liner Kris Draper, culminating with a fourth Stanley Cup.

The Production Line would like to wish Darren McCarty well in whatever he chooses to do from here. Thank you for the Grind Line. Thank you for beating the everliving shit out of Claude Lemieux. Thank you for always being the last player on the ice at the Joe – tossing pucks to kids. Thank you for mentoring the Griffins.

But most of all, thank you for the 1997 Stanley Cup: