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Red Wings Roundtable — Day 2 @ Snapshots

George James Malik at Snapshots hosts today’s roundtable topic, revolving around the acquisitions of Jason Williams and Todd Bertuzzi (and to a lesser extent, Patrick Eaves).

Lots of great thoughts there. Here’s mine – which will come as no surprise to anyone who has read TPL the last month or so…:

While I’ll never even pretend to know as much about building a championship team as Ken Holland does, I do question his signings this summer – outside of Patrick Eaves. Adding a smallish twenty-something-goal-scorer doesn’t bother me in theory, although it is troubling to hear Williams would have preferred to stay in Columbus. But really, who wouldn’t say such a thing to the media? However, in the scope of your question – I suppose I’ll eat that one.

Anyone who reads The Production Line knows my distaste for Todd Bertuzzi – and its simple really. While the Red Wings organization – and its fans, myself included – are comfortable giving players second chances at a life in hockey, like Dan Cleary, there has to be a line. Todd Bertuzzi is on the other side of it.

He’s been given a chance to show his stuff on the Wings (albeit, not at 100%) – an opportunity that he failed miserably. But, aside from that audition, he’s not just “a player with baggage.” Those kinds of guys are welcomed with open arms. There’s only one Todd Bertuzzi, and the kind of player/character he is/was simply doesn’t fit into the Red Wings mold.