Hawk Hossa Harboring Hurtful Hinge…Hi-Fives Hindered

Hey, did you hear that? It sounded like every trombone in Michigan – any millions of others around the world – simultaneously playing the same four notes.

Tim Sassone of the Chicago Daily Herald reported late Tuesday night that Marian Hossa has a bum shoulder – or possibly a rotator cuff injury:
The severity of the injury is not known, although it is possible Hossa might need surgery, which could put him out of the Hawks lineup until December. The Hawks are monitoring Hossa while he rehabs the injury, believed to have been suffered during the playoffs.

As a human being and a former hockey player, I wish Marian well and hope for a speedy recovery with as little pain as possible through the rehabilitation process. But as Red Wing fan, I’d like to point and laugh.

Wyshynski snarks that Hossa was probably injured while shouldering the responsibility of picking the wrong team as favorites, but the comment of the day goes to Puck Daddy poster redwings55x, who says:

The article says something about him being injured in the playoffs. That can’t be right, I don’t even remember seeing him in the playoffs.

Pure gold, sir.

Photo Credit: AP