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Pro/No Justin Abdelkader

If you remember last summer, we — along with our very good friends at Winging it in Motown — took turns exploring expiring Red Wings contracts and then took a vote of the Wings’ faithful fans to see where they stand. Do you want him back? Do you think the Wings are better off without him? We’ll be doing the same this season — starting at WIIM with Justin Abdelkader, who is a restricted free agent as of July 1st.

Head to Winging It to read all of the important Gator information and cast your vote! Come back to TPL on Friday morning to see a rundown of Brad Stuart. After that we’ll be alternating with WIIM — they’ve got the forwards, we’ve got the blueline and goaltender — so check every few days and make your voice heard.

The Wings will have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-ish million dollars to spend, depending on what the cap rises/drops to after the new CBA is ratified. For a little bit of our reading about the expiring contracts — check out the following links:

Goaltenders and Defensemen


Photo Credit: Rebecca Cook, Reuters

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