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Congratulations to the Nickname Finalists

Below are the eight finalists for The Production Line’s 2011-12 Nickname Submission Contest. The top vote-getter of the following will receive a t-shirt of their choosing from TPL’s Store. Like all of the semi-final rounds, voting will commence on our Facebook Page, so head over there and give a +1 to the nickname you think is deserving of being called this year’s champion. Voting will be active until Friday afternoon, so don’t delay!


Jiri “I’ve Laid More Pipe in This Town than Wabasha Plumbing” Hudler
— @Flapjack_McZap; October 15th vs. Minnesota; Grumpy Old Men

Tomas “Professor Booty” Holmstrom
— @sigsegfalt; November 11th vs. Edmonton; Beastie Boys

Nicklas “This is Red 5, I’m Going In” Lidstrom
— Chris; November 15th vs. St. Louis; Return of the Jedi

Valtteri “Ultrasuede is a Miracle. This is Just Good Timing” Filppula
— @saraneuie; December 13th vs. Pittsburgh; Homer’s Phobia

Mickey “And the Microphone Smells Like a Beer” Redmond
— @Breuker19; December 6 vs. St. Louis; Billy Joel

Valtteri “Got a Last Name, Too. But I Can’t Pronounce It” Filppula
— justin13; February 10th vs. Anaheim; The Fast and the Furious

Jonathan “Through Some Kind of Glitch in the Payroll Department, He Still Gets a Paycheck” Ericsson
— @sigsegfalt; January 12th vs. Phoenix; Office Space

Nicklas “Your Clones Are Very Impressive. You Must Be Very Proud” Lidstrom
— @mrsotw; January 8th vs. Chicago; Star Wars Episode II