2011-12 TPL Nickname Winners

As the season winds down, we’re gearing up to begin the second Facebook vote to determine the favorite nickname submission from throughout the year. Just like last year, the winner will get a t-shirt of his or her choosing. We have forty semi-finalists, divided into four groups of ten. The top two finishers in each group of ten will move onto the “FINALS” — with the top vote-getter in that round being announced as the winner.

ALL VOTING WILL OCCUR ON TPL’S FACEBOOK PAGE, but you’re welcome to make comments and predictions here for the fun of it. The voting will commence next week, so familiarize yourself with the entries.

Since we’re not able to include all of the following information using Facebook’s polling application, we’ve copy and pasted the winning submissions, their dates, and the theme to serve as a reminder of the brilliance our dear readers showed throughout the season. We tried our best to make it so that people won’t be up against themselves in any round (which explains why some dates are out of order), but a few lucky submitters have several chances to win the contest. Best of luck to everyone — they’re all winners in our book!

Nicklas “Old Captain Jack, Giving Them What-For” Lidstrom
@snpy_rlz, October 7th vs. Ottawa, theme: Lonely Island’s Jack Sparrow

Pavel “Won’t Ever Let Up, Hope It Annoys You” Datsyuk
Lauren Horne, October 13th vs. Vancouver, theme: Quiet Riot

Jiri “I’ve Laid More Pipe in this Town that Wabasha Plumbing” Hudler
@Flapjack_McZap, October 15th vs. Minnesota, theme: Grumpy Old Men

Jonathan “A Whopper, To Speak in the Vernacular of the Peasantry” Ericsson
justin13, October 21st vs. Columbus, theme: Wizard of Oz

Jonathan “More As In… More, Moron” Ericsson
@jennyquarx, October 22nd vs. Washington, theme: Party Monster

Jonathan “Eye of Rabbit, Harp String Hum, Turn This Water Into Rum” Ericsson
Allison, October 29th vs. Minnesota, theme: Gonzo – Run

Valtteri “Cause I’m Protected by the God of Hair Care” Filppula
Krononymous, November 3rd vs. Calgary, theme: Mystery Men

Valtteri “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” Filppula
Sarah Russell, October 5th vs. Anaheim, theme: Gonzo – Hate

Tomas “Professor Booty” Holmstrom
@sigsegfalt, October 11th vs. Edmonton, theme: Beastie Boys

Jonathan “Walk Your Long Legs, Baby, Right Outta My Life” Ericsson
@SpaceCityMatt, October 12th vs. Dallas, theme: Mayer Hawthorne

Tomas “Intoxicate Many Wit’ My Talk” Holmstrom
justin13, October 25th vs. Columbus, theme: De La Soul

Jiri “I’m Still Coming to Work on Monday” Hudler
@jennyquarx, November 1st vs. Minnesota, theme: Coach

Nicklas “This is Red 5, I’m Going In” Lidstrom
Chris, November 15th vs. St. Louis, theme: Return of the Jedi

Jiri “Feel Free, Drop Your Pants” Hudler
Clay, November 17th vs. San Jose, theme: A Tribe Called Quest

Todd “He Never Practices, He’s a Very Naughty Boy. But He Just Gets His Stick and He Just Does It” Bertuzzi
@abrant23, November 19h vs. Los Angeles, theme: George Harrison

Ty “Ooh, When it Gets Through to Me, It’s Always New to Me” Conklin
Krononymous, November 20th vs. Anaheim, theme: Foreigner

Jonathan “Absolutely Soaking Wet” Ericsson
@JJfromKansas, November 23rd vs. Calgary, theme: The Weather Girls

Todd “If You Speak of This, You and Your Parents Will Be Killed” Bertuzzi
@JeffHancock41, December 2nd vs. Buffalo, theme: Super 8

Jonathan “If You’re Looking For Furniture of a Shitbox, Out There is the Sales Floor” Ericsson
@jason_d_price, December 8th vs. Phoenix, theme: Raising Arizona

Valtteri “Ultrasuede Is a Miracle. This is Just Good Timing” Filppula
@saraneuie, December 13th vs. Pittsburgh, theme: Homer’s Phobia

Jonathan “Basically, It’s a Fleet of Shitboxes” Ericsson
justin13, October 28th vs. San Jose, theme: Up in the Air

Mickey “And the Microphone Smells Like a Beer” Redmond
@breuker19, December 6th vs. St. Louis, theme: Billy Joel

Jonathan “Sittin’ Here Restin’ My Bones” Ericsson
Andrew from Ann Arbor, December 15th vs. Nashville, theme: Otis Redding

Ty “Stop Crying, You Sniveling Ass! Stop Your Nonsense. You’re Just the Afterbirth” Conklin
Ivan Boldariev, December 19th vs. Edmonton, theme: There Will Be Blood

Jonathan “I’m Makin’ Such a Great Deal on You, You Wouldn’t Believe It. You’re a Regular Cash Cow, Kid. With That, Plus $1,000,000, I Could Probably Retire By The Time I’m 300 Years Old” Ericsson
MI in DC, December 21st vs. Vancouver, theme: Free Willy

Jiri “If He Does Lay Into Ya, It’s Best Just to Let Him Finish” Hudler
@SpaceCityMatt, December 22nd vs. Calgary, theme: Christmas Vacation

Ville “But, All Things Equal, I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia” Leino
Krononymous, December 26th vs. Nashville, theme: Die Hard

Marian “Greed Can Be a Very Powerful Ally” Hossa
Gibberson, December 30th vs. Chicago, theme: Star Wars Episode I

Valtteri “Got a Last Name, Too, But I Can’t Pronounce It” Filppula
justin13, February 2nd vs. Anaheim, theme: Fast and Furious

Nassau “The Columns Date All the Way Back to 1972” Colosseum
@detroithockey96, January 10th vs. Islanders, theme: Clueless

Jonathan “Through Some Kind of Glitch in the Payroll Department, He Still Gets a Paycheck” Ericsson
@sigsegfalt, January 12th vs. Phoenix, theme: Office Space

Nick “You’re Smart, You’re Funny, You’re.. Spectacular in Bed” Lidstrom
@janey390, January 21st vs. Columbus, theme: Fight Club

Jiri “Why The Fuck Would They Go to the Russians? Why the Fuck?” Hudler
MI in DC, January 23rd vs. St. Louis, theme: Burn After Reading

Brett “I Never Went to MIT. Notre Dame. Art History Major” Lebda
justin13, January 25th vs. Montreal, theme: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Nail “I’ve Actually Been Meaning to Ask You, Have You Been to Columbus, Because I’ve Been Trying to…” Yakupov
@jennyquarx, January 31st vs. Calgary, theme: Zombieland

Henrik/Daniel “Is Your Troop Gonna Be Selling Cookies Again This Year?” Sedin
@CMthe4th, February 2nd vs. Vancouver, theme: Groundhog Day

Ty “Hey, Kid, Get the Fuck Outta Here” Conklin
@captnorris5, February 6th vs. Phoenix, theme: Boiler Room

Jonathan “I Have Nothing… Nothing… Nothing” Ericsson
@hockeywops, February 12th vs. Philadelphia, theme: Whitney Houston

Jiri “Is This Gonna Hump My Leg or What” Hudler
justin13, February 8th vs. Edmonton, theme: XXX

Nicklas “Your Clones are Very Impressive. You Must Be Very Proud.” Lidstrom
@MrsOTW, January 8th vs. Chicago, theme: Star Wars Episode II