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Once a Wing, Always a Wing: Kyle Quincey returns

In an odd, three-team trade this afternoon, the Detroit Red Wings re-acquired Kyle Quincey from the Tampa Bay Lightning — who had, moments earlier, acquired him from the Colorado Avalanche.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie has confirmed that the trade is final and that the Red Wings are now the proud owners of Kyle Quincey’s contract, which will be expiring on July 1st. His cap hit is $3.125M. He will be an improvement on the current third blueline pair, which consists of Jonathan Ericsson and Jakub Kindl. Mike Commodore will likely remain on the roster in an 8th defenseman capacity.

On July 1st, Quincey will be a restricted free agent.

Going the other way is Detroit’s first round draft pick in this upcoming draft and part-time Griffin/part-time Walleye defenseman Sebastien Piche. Piche, has not been able to elevate himself in Grand Rapids’ system after being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2009.

Quincey was originally drafted by the Red Wings in the fourth round of the 2003 Draft. He played in 13 games for the Red Wings before being waived (to keep Chris Chelios on the roster) in 2008. The Los Angeles Kings claimed him and he spent the rest of the year in Hollywood. He was traded to Colorado, where he’s been playing since 2009-10.

The 6-2, 207 lbs gritty defenseman has 5 goals, 18 assists, and 60 penalty minutes in 54 games played this season.

TO DETROIT: Kyle Quincey D
TO TAMPA BAY: Sebastien Piche D, Detroit’s 1st Round Pick in 2012
TO COLORADO: Steve Downie F

9 thoughts on “Once a Wing, Always a Wing: Kyle Quincey returns”

  1. Eh.  Not really a fan of Quincey, nor am I a fan of giving up a first round pick (low as it may be) for a third pairing defenseman.  But he should be an upgrade over Kindl… we shall see!

    1. He’s definitely an upgrade on the third pairing. And with this upcoming draft (it’s fairly weak… especially compared to last year. Outside of the top two, the rest of the first round is a mess), not to mention Brad Stuart’s unknown future (just kidding — he’s leaving). I like the move. Generally wish we could keep all of our first rounders… but I’m alright with this one. For now. We’ll show how he fares. 

  2. Totally talked about this last season on my blog as a move I liked. Like it now too. Great pick as long as his doesn’t end up on our IR immediately like he did for LA and Avs.

    1. To further explain, Brad Stuart may be gone after this season, along with maybe Lidstrom(tho he hasn’t slowed a bit, so not as likely). Commie will be gone… maybe sooner than later. This is a good movie. He is still young, produces. Powerplay guy with Kronwall maybe?

  3. Amazing that this guy only played in 13 regular season games with the Wings (plus another 13 in the ’07 playoffs).  Seemed like more.  Anyway, my initial reaction was shock that they gave up a 1st, but upon further inspection, this will definitely help with defensive depth now (and in the future if we have to replace Stuart).  This team is serious about winning this year, which means that 1st rounder won’t be that high anyway.  

    The Wings haven’t been able to restock with the low 1st rounder anyway.  Franzen was a 3rd rounder.  Howard was in the 2nd.  Helm was a 5th rounder.  If Tatar is our best prospect right now, he was a low 2nd rounder also.

    1. Isn’t it amazing — I feel like played more than that, too. But alas… that’s what the stats say.

      Tatar is far from our best prospect right now. Nyquist (a FOURTH rounder) has that distinction. It sounds a little rough, but the first round has been nothing short of a disaster for the Red Wings in recent history. 

      2011 — None (Jurco was taken first with their acquired 2nd)
      2010 — Riley Sheahan (hasn’t changed at all since drafting)
      2009 — None (Ferraro was taken with their acquired 2nd)
      2008 — Thomas McCollum (as close to a bust as we have at the moment, sadly)
      2007 — Brendan Smith (he’s getting there)
      2006 — None (Emmerton was their top pick)
      2005 — Jakub Kindl (in the lottery year, 19th overall)
      2004 — None (Franzen was their top pick in the third)
      2003 — None (Howard was their top pick)

  4. Let’s not forget the RFA angle. If he gets an offer sheet at 3.1 (this years salary) we can keep him or ship him off for a first and a third! That is tick-tock Jedi mind f-ing the rental player scenario! Or I saw somewhere a trade bait scenario with kindl and hudler….. I’m just saying

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