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Wings Beat Oilers: Sketchy Migraine Postgame

Final Score: 4-2 Wings (Hi, Mr. Petrella!)


  • The first thing of note is Abdelkader did his Abdelkader thing and gets in a fight with Ryan “The Flow” Jones, for payback on what looks like a clean hit. Abby gets an extra 2 minutes for cross-checking Jones before the fight.
  • Franzen scores a goal on the power play (I know, right?!) after tipping in a shot-pass from Ian White. Datsyuk has the 2nd assist.
  • After Emmerton is sent to the box for holding at 15:27 in the first, Stuart joins him approximately 45 seconds later for boarding Eberle. No big deal, though, because the Wings kill the 5-on-3 and the remainder of the Stuart’s penalty.
  • Two minutes into the second, Emmerton chips in the puck, after Abdelkader does most of the work. Abby wins the puck against the boards and tries to jam it in on Khabibulin, and Emmerton cleans up after him.
  • Nine minutes later, Gagner scores. I didn’t happen to see this goal because of my feed crashing, but from the sounds of it, it occurred because of a sloppy line change. Ben Eager slams into Cleary as everyone is trying to change. Ericsson was making a move to get off, but instead moved to fight with Eager. White was just getting on the ice. The puck got to Gagner, and he managed to have a breakaway. Since I didn’t see it, I’m not passing judgement on any of it. However, I think this is accurate:
  • Holmstrom gets called for goalie interference, when he was blatantly shoved into Khabibulin by Whitney. Nice reputation call there.
  • After the Wings kill that penalty, they get called again for too many men on the ice. That penalty bleeds into the third period, but they manage to kill that one as well.
  • Abdelkader, starting to get a bit rougher in the 3rd, trips Hemsky and is sent to the box. While he stews in there, Gagner scores another goal. At this point, we’re all tied up with twos.
  • A little more than two minutes after that, the tie is broken by Miller. Abdelkader again does most of the work. His initial shot is blocked, but the puck trickles out from between Khabibulin’s legs, and both Helm and Miller started swinging at it. Drew Miller pots it, continuing his excellent record against the Oilers.
  • Four minutes after that, Zetterberg scoops up a lose puck in front of the net and then very patiently pulls it to the left side of the net, and sinks it.

Lesser things of note:

  • The Press Box King was again caught tweeting during the game. It admittedly was in excitement of his Twitter chum Emmerton’s goal, but still, social media during the game is not allowed. I still wonder what the punishment is for breaking those rules. Apparently it’s not enough to keep him from doing it.
  • Joey Mac had a decent game, mostly because the Wings suppressed shots. He only faced 17 shots, where Khabibulin faced 30. He still seems to bobble rebounds (which led to Gagner’s second goal), but his second start in a row probably indicates that the Wings have possibly lost faith in Conklin?

Bonus drawings:

4 thoughts on “Wings Beat Oilers: Sketchy Migraine Postgame”

  1. No matter who gives me the run-down after the game, and btw, I don’t need the run-down because I never miss a game, it is always a laugh a line. My post-game experience is never complete until I check in here. All of you are aces in my book! The sloppy line change goal you missed…sloppy doesn’t even begin to cover it. Hell is freezing over because your King Press Box is on my last nerve, whereas, Erricsson is only on my 2nd to last and he may be inching his way off my nerves altogether as of late. I hope Kenny let’s Commie out at the next rest stop and gives White a key of his own for the next couple of years. I love our team but Commie disturbs my comfort level. On a brighter note, I love that on any given night any of our 4 lines have the ability to be the top line. Alligator, I mean Abdelkader, has been a fan favorite of this fan since he stepped ontk the ice against the Hawks in the 09 final like he owned the joint. I just love you guys and have one question. When does the Sam Gagner Show lower the curtain???

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