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TPL / WIIM All-Star Challenge Update

Just a quick update a night before the Skills Competition. Our good friend Ayron (@ayronatthewings) has very generously sent a pledge of her own: a full set of six bobbleheads to one lucky pledger.

Long story short — make us a pledge.

The top pledger via The Production Line and the top pledger via Winging it in Motown will take home the Red Wings Bobblehead of their choice to go with their giant animal-loving hearts. The other four will be raffled off in a randomized drawing. For every $5 you donate to the cause (via our little shindig here) will get you an entry into a drawing.

So, quit your procrastinatin’… make a pledge in the comments RIGHT NOW.

4 thoughts on “TPL / WIIM All-Star Challenge Update”

  1. I will pledge $10 for every goalie that allows their first goal in the All-Star Game proper (ignoring the skills competition) in fewer shots than Howard does.  If Howard allows one on his second shot faced and everyone else allows one on their first, that’s $50.  But someone else will have to keep track for me ’cause I’m expecting to miss the game.

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