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Rally ‘Round the Conk: Wings Win 3-2 in the Shootout

3-2 Wings in the Skills Competition

Both teams coming off of a game the night before. Wings started slow and got down early, but took control and got the two points in the end.


  • If last night was the way to start a game, tonight sure as hell wasn’t. Yes, Tomas Holmstrom ripped home a gimme slapshot from ten feet out to give the Wings the lead, but five shots during the opening stanza didn’t really light the world on fire.
  • Not much Conklin could do on the first goal, but man, where was Lidstrom’s patented stickwork to help a brother out on the second goal? Puck drops neatly to Loui Erikkson, and he’s able to outduel The Captain with a broken stick? I’m guessing Lidstrom owed Loui payment on a bet from over the summer or something.
  • After a little puck luck on the Happy Hudler goal, the Wings picked up the pace for the rest of the second period and looked pretty darn good. A solid forecheck generated some scoring chances, but a lack of traffic in front gave Bachman a much easier time seeing shots and limiting rebounds.
  • The third period was more of the same for the Wings. Pressing the play, but not alot of traffic early. As the period wore on, the Wings started generating some pretty good chances, but tip your hat to Richard Bachman. Dude blended solid saves with a little bit of luck and both teams wound up with a point.
  • The Stars controlled most of the extra session and seemed to get the better chances, but took a late penalty on a terrible turnover giving the Wings a power play for 17 seconds. It wouldn’t matter, as Steve Ott won the faceoff and the Wings couldn’t muster a shot.
  • Weird shootout. Datsyuk and Erikkson hit posts, Hudler pulls out the old drag, Bertuzzi with a piss poor effort and Ty Conklin blanks the side. We’ll take it.
  • With the win, the Wings moved to 61 points and sole possession of first place in the West. Of course, that could change by the time I hit “publish”, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

I was talking to my boss (Dallas fan) during the game, and he gave me an interesting idea for a new TPL game: Lamest Ads on the Boards. Keith votes for Purina Dog Chow on the St. Louis boards. I’m inclined to agree. The bar is set. Let’s see if we can find something worse.

Give me Jan Mursak. Loved the hustle on Holmstrom’s goal and hope that The ‘Sak can keep bringing that kind of intensity as he finds his way back into the lineup. Runner up to Jiri Hudler for the carbon copy of Zetterberg’s shootout winner from the other night.

Brad Stuart/Mike Commodore. On a night where everyone played pretty darn well (after the first period), Stuart and Commie had a miscommunication on a line change and cost the Wings a “too many men” penalty. Fortunately, Dallas would take their own penalty 16 seconds later, so no real harm. Still, hate seeing those mental lapses.

The Wings head to the desert to battle the Yotes on Thursday night.

2 thoughts on “Rally ‘Round the Conk: Wings Win 3-2 in the Shootout”

  1. I’m not sure if this still is up, and it’s not really lame as much as it is unnecessary, but the past yr or 2 Phoenix had an ad for Facebook up on their boards right by on of the bluelines. No particular facebook page or anything, just facebook in general. I never understood why it was there and I can’t imagine that facebook actually paid for an ad so that maybe 5,000 ppl a game would see it. 

  2. I still remember in the Phoenix series last year when somebody eagle-eyed an ad at the Jobing for instead of .com; always thought that was a nice shot at Glendale.

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