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I felt impotent and out of control which I really really hate (loss candy)

What the hell---yo, you gettin' on the highway!

Final Score (Hi Dad!)
5-1 Islanders. No, seriously.

The Rundown
This is a game that was over before it started. Anytime you saunter into Long Island to face the powerhouse Islanders, you just gotta expect an ass-kicking. What’s that? Oh, you say they’re the worst team in the L’Eastern Conference? Well shit, I got nothing. Well, the joke’s on them. The Wings may have lost, but the Islanders have to stay in and around Massapequa. Toss up.

The Islanders took advantage of their opportunities and the Wings failed on theirs. In case you missed the Filppula whiff, I caught some video of it:

Loss Candy
Continuing the theme:

Cher Horowitz