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But there’s Loss Candy!

Final Score
2-1 Blues.

The Skinny
I didn’t see a second of this game (I was busy coaching in a loss of my own), but I did just see that they lost and that you’re owed something hot to look at. Did I miss anything good or what? Fill me in.

Loss Candy

Ms. Kelly Carlson…

And her Nip/Tuck co-star Julian McMahon, who I’m told is saucy.

4 thoughts on “But there’s Loss Candy!”

  1. All you missed was a total lack of puck control, Kronwall getting boarded by Stewart (not Stuart) and a horrible power play, that went something like 0 for 7 with only 6 shots (including a 5 minute major)  Nah, you didn’t miss anything….

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