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TP:60 – October 14 (updated!)

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The start of a new year means it’s time to dust off the recording equipment and get back to business. TP:60 business that is. We’re back for another year of Detroit hockey’s best podcast, and things started a little differently this time around: recording the show during last night’s game against Vancouver. Along with “live” commentary, the first show of the season also includes:

  • Realignment Talk!
  • More Realignment Talk!
  • Hollis delivering a classic rant about the Seattle sports scene!
  • The Detroit Tigers!
  • Disch wearing nothing but his boxers!
  • Discussion about, you know, the Red Wings (maybe)!
  • A contest which could land you on the show next week (no foolies)!
  • A look into the mind of the Original Horsecop (end of the show, so you listen to the whole thing)!

Tune in, get the details on how to participate and head over to Facebook for your chance at being on the show with us next week.

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You guys make me laugh!  Michael will reveal my Tiger when the time comes, I just want to clarify the story about my Comerica Park seat location.  Way back when, when the Tigers weren’t such a fab team, I became a Braves fan (thanks to TBS broadcasting the games… globally, so it seemed)  With the Braves on nightly,  I became very familiar with Atlanta baseball.  One season, a young catcher caught my eye;  His name Javier Lopez, Javy for short.  He was smoking hot and eventually became a halfway decent ball player.  He was named NLCS MVP in 1996 and made the National League All-Star team in the 1997–98 season.  He had his best season in 2003 with a .328 batting average, 43 home runs and 109 RBI in 129 games; and a .687 slugging percentage. In that season he broke Todd Hundley’s record for most home runs hit in a season by a catcher (41) and was selected to the All-Star Game, winning the Silver Slugger Award and finishing fifth in the National League MVP ballot.  Drop dead gorgeous AND had some skills!  A winning combination.  I don’t recall the year, but the Braves were coming to Detroit for inter league play;  OMG, hopefully I would be able to see him in person, up close….and oh yeah, see his BB skills too.   The company I work for has had season tickets for more than 30 years and I am the gal that handles them for distribution to clients.  (Hollis… and Nicole sat in these seats on the Tiger dugout)  I have a great relationship with a couple of the guys in the ticket office and decided to give them a call to see what was available for purchase for the Braves series.  They all knew I fancied Javy….when the Tigers were looking for a catcher, I kept telling them to transfer me to Dave Dombrowski so we could talk about acquring this fine young player (and when I say fine I mean YOWSER!….um, I mean he was a great, all-around player)  So, my guys in the office were able to get me great seats; 2 rows above the visitor dugout right near the on-deck circle.  (Michael….your memory is correct…I did say something along the lines of…I wanna sit close enough to see him in the crouch and to be able to tell the denomination of the coins in his pocket…. and oh by the way, I wanna see his buns too!)  The seats were so phenomenal and not sold as season tickets, I decided to round up a few partners and become season ticket holders.  We still have them today and it’s been great the past few seasons.  We’ve endured many years of horrible ball, but it’s pretty cool to sit so close and see great players like Pujols, Jeter, Mauer and the like and to hear some of the ramblings of entertaining coaches like Ozzie Guillien.    I am honored to be part of your podcast and extra charmed that Hollis proclaimed his love;  I love you too CHollis!!  And while we’re on the subject of hot….what on earth has gotten into Rig?  He actually looks like he’s finally getting it.  I picked Javy when he was nothing….maybe this is a sign of great things to come for Johnny.  Disch….I feel a country song coming on….you game??  I’ve attached a photo I took from the seats;  Cabrerra with Joe Mauer catching /2008.     Who’s YOUR Tiger???   With love, (especially for Hollis)  TPL Mom