Let’s Talk About It: NHL FA Live Chat Tomorrow

You may have noticed that despite all the free agency talk, rumors, speculation and hand-wringing, things have been pretty quiet here at TPL. Trust me when I say that our silence doesn’t reflect a lack of interest in all of the happenings around the Red Wings. Mostly, we’ve just been busy with real life. Petrella is moving, I’m working like crazy and we all know Disch has a horsecopping legacy to drive to new levels. Plus, it’s the summer and we take our relaxation seriously. However, the Wings stand on the precipice of making decisions that will shape the roster and mentality of this team for the next season and beyond, and we most definitely can’t stand idly by and watch without adding our own shouting to the mix.

So, we’ll do what comes naturally around these parts…(no, not THAT)…we’ll host a live blog. Fun starts tomorrow at 9:00 AM Eastern 10:30 AM Eastern right here at TPL (which means I’ll be LESS OF a zombie during the first hour or so.) Feel free to set up shop with us, or just pop in when you get some time. Since we’ve been radio silent about everything surrounding the Wings and free agency up to this point at TPL, I’ll throw some fodder up on the site tonight in a form that resembles a, you know, blog post. You can go ahead and begin preparations to tear it apart  during the live chat tomorrow. I don’t mind, I promise.

Be there, bitches.