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Commodore Buyout Positions Wings As Potential Suitor

With this morning’s announcement that Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Mike Commodore has been placed on waivers for the purposes of being bought out, speculation about his next destination is bound to heat up. TPL has learned through a source close to the Commodore camp that the Red Wings may be interested in the services of the 31 year-old defenseman, who – should he clear waivers – would become an unrestricted free agent tomorrow.

While many may remember Commodore for the infamous picture of him rolling around a pile of money in his underwear and his healthy mane of red hair, the D-man who spent most of last season with the AHL’s Springfield Falcons would bring the much desired right-handed shot the Wings are looking for on the blue line – along with some additional grit – at a reasonable price. Ken Holland has insisted that he wouldn’t spend money “just to spend” this offseason, and with Commodore looking to make a move out of Columbus, a reasonable offer from the front office is hardly out of the question. On the Jackets side of the fence, they would be able to offload a hefty 3.75 million contract for a fraction of that price, which does provide some measure of relief for a team that is paying Rick Nash $7.8 million a year, just assumed Jeff Carter’s $5.27 million a year cap hit, and is probably looking to pay James Wisniewski somewhere around $6 million a year to patrol the blue line.

In terms of the financial ramifications, like Eaves two summers ago, once the player is bought out, the original team (in this case, the Blue Jackets) are on the hook for paying him a percentage of his original contract. He would become a free agent, able to sign with whomever he’d like, but would continue getting paid by the Jackets. Like Eaves, he’d be free to sign for the league minimum with another team (say, Detroit) and all the Red Wings would be on the hook for is the 500k (or whatever they agree to). Commodore may be willing to do that since he’d still be getting a hefty paycheck to NOT play in Columbus, just as Patrick Eaves continues to get paid to NOT play in Boston.

If Mike Commodore – or guys like JP Dumont or Cam Barker or Sheldon Souray or Chris Drury, signs in Detroit – it’ll very likely be for a minimal hit in return for the opportunity to compete immediately for a shot at the Cup.

As always, we’ll continue to update based on any new information we receive.

I couldn’t resist:

10 thoughts on “Commodore Buyout Positions Wings As Potential Suitor”

  1. Why would we want him, he hates Babcock and the feeling is most likely mutual. Cam Barker is a no-brainer in this scenario

  2. I don’t buy it.  Remember those comments from Babcock a year or two ago about Commodore not working hard enough when they were both in the Anaheim system?  I like to think Holland and Babcock are not interested in introducing friction between the coaches and players, hence why most are against Jagr joining the team.

      1. Agree with this to an extent. Yes, Commodore said some stupid shit about Babcock and I’m sure he and Babs aren’t the best mixture ever. That said, Babcock has praised Commodore’s “great attitude” and “infectious personality” in the past, and Commodore has pointed out that Babcock is a very successful coach who served as a motivator (who he just didn’t happen to agree with from a tactical standpoint.)

        Point being, these guys are professionals and if Commodore brings what the Wings want at the price they desire, Ken Holland shouldn’t have to think twice about these two needing to “hug it out.”

        Does that mean Commodore is coming? No clue. I just report on what I hear.

        1. To tell the truth, it could turn out to be something awesome. I’m going to back Babs 100% on anything, but I don’t have a doubt that Commodore has “fire” and if it means bringing a bit of tension (not all-out war or whatever Mike Richards and Chris Pronger had going on in the Philly locker room, but… tension), then that might not be a horrible thing.

          Turning on my 80s movie simulator, Babs and Commodore bring their history to a boil in February and then hug it the fuck out and the Wings slap the rest of the NHL around for the next four months.

          Either that, or it turns into an unmitigated disaster that finally proves the growing Anti-Babcock crowd right and we get rid of a coach who gets taken down by Mike fucking Commodore of all people. 

          Nothing wrong with a little fire in a forest every now and again to bring new life and fresh air into the situation.

          1. Meanwhile, Jon Ericsson is counting his money and getting stuck at “$20.” I’m not sure if the Ericsson signing lends creedence to the idea that Commodore may end up in Detroit or throws water on the smoldering rumor. Could go either way.

            1. Well they’re not exactly short on cap space just yet. I’m not sure this will have an effect on what kind of salary they’re thinking about giving another D-Man.

              However, it will definitely effect how much D-Man they get for the salary.  I’ve got to think that Ericsson’s deal might have just priced Wisniewski out of the running (provided he doesn’t finalize something with Columbus).

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