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McCrimmon out in Detroit

Per TSN’s Darren Dreger, the Red Wings won’t be renewing the contract of assistant coach Brad McCrimmon:

In an hour or so, the Detroit Red Wings will announce veteran asst coach Brad McCrimmon won’t be back for a 4th year on the Wings bench.

McCrimmon is a very good coach. Contract was up. He should be among the candidates for 1 of 5 head coaching jobs.

Coach McCrimmon was hired after Todd McLellan departed to take the Head Coach position in San Jose. So, here’s another thing to keep an eye on this summer. One would think that the Wings will be on the hunt for an experienced coach that WON’T RUN THE PENALTY KILL INTO THE GROUND.

6 thoughts on “McCrimmon out in Detroit”

  1. Crater from SoCal

     I had to resist the urge to jump for joy in my office while reading this. I can’t wait to see who Kenny goes out and hires to help motivate this team and get some better special teams action going on. 

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  3. Brad McCrimmon , I have absolutely hated our D and PP the past three years and truly feel you are the reason why. Look at the lack of development Erricson. He had promise when he first came up but is nothing but an oversize paper weight now. I am jumping for joy today!! Dont let the door hit ya…

  4.  I been saying all year to get rid of him.  The defense and PK stink. Get back to the basics Wings!

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