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One Step At A Time

(Ed. Note: With all of Team TPL travelling, there’s no analysis tonight. Just enjoy the fact the Wings will play another day and enjoy a tall, stiff drink wherever you may be.)

He deserves having his picture added to the post...

Red Wings 4 Sharks 3

Sharks lead the series 3-1.

See you Sunday.

5 thoughts on “One Step At A Time”

  1. What a relief!

    A side note (or, rather, question): when I “like” this for facebook, why is the picture something really random (& different for every post) that has nothing to do with TPL, the Wings, or even hockey?

  2. Kjell Mickelson

    One small correction. Wings closed this baby out in regulation, not OT. And thank god for that, my heart couldn’t take another OT.

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