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Loss Candy: Canadian Teen Soap Opera Edition

2-1 Sharks

2-0 Sharks

:: The first period was played almost entirely by special teams. The Red Wings had the first power play opportunity, and it must have shared a fork with the penalty kill over the weekend — because it was as punchless an advantage as one could imagine. A few seconds later, Justin Abdelkader and the Penalty Kill picked up right where they left off — with the former high sticking someone, and the latter failing miserably as the Wings would go down 1-0 on an Ian White shot. It seems like Detroit fans are starting to turn on Justin Abdelkader — some calling for Mike Modano or Kris Draper to be inserted into the lineup at Gator’s expense, and at that point I might not disagree with you. Abdelkader would draw a penalty of his own — a four-minute double major — and again, the Red Wings were useless with the man-up. The Sharks would take their one-goal lead into the intermission.

:: More of the same in the second period, as Tomas Holmstrom takes a holding penalty at the 2:27 mark. Darren Helm made something out of nothing, earning himself a clean breakaway — but the shot was turned aside by Antti Niemi. One minute later, Joe Pavelski took a penalty of his own — the 8th of the game after only 24 minutes played. After a clean Todd Bertuzzi hit on Dany Heatley (yes it was, you jackass), Ben Eager goes after Bertuzzi and both end up in the Red Wings bench. Somehow, both were called for roughing, and even the dumbshit announcers claim the refs are calling this one for the Sharks. Shocked — SHOCKED — I am. Later, Eager would get a ten minute misconduct, which doesn’t put the Wings on the power play. Sneaky way of pretending like you’re calling it even.

:: Doug Murray had a great chance with just over four minutes left in the second, as his rebound opportunity snuck through Howard’s wickets and was slowly rolling toward the net when Pavel Datsyuk stepped in and swiped the puck out of danger. Jimmy Howard has played fantastic, and just needed a little help from his backcheckers on that play. Perennial Selke winner/nominee Dangles was happy to oblige. The Sharks would take the same 1-0 lead into the locker room after 40.

:: The start of the third period was a disaster. It was all Sharks early and they made it 2-0 after a tricky shot from Niclas Wallin caught a surprised Jimmy Howard in the left shoulder, causing the puck to pop straight up and bounce behind him. Unfortunate goal against, and the Wings’ hole was dug twice as deep. The Red Wings were clearly frustrated, as Tomas Holmstrom takes a dumb retaliation penalty after the whistle… and Jimmy Howard slashed Joe Thornton following the third snow shower he’d received on the night (there was no call). Things were starting to get ugly, and there was still fifteen minutes left in regulation.

:: Detroit would finally convert on their sixth power play. Henrik Zetterberg scored right from the slot, cutting the deficit in half with six minutes left to play. It would be all they’d get, as the clock ticked away with Niemi shutting the door the rest of the way.

:: Henrik Zetterberg did net one in San Jose (mp +1, ch -1)


If you like gals, you'll like Nina Dobrev, Degrassi's Mia

If you dig boys, here's Adamo Ruggiero, the show's Marco

6 thoughts on “Loss Candy: Canadian Teen Soap Opera Edition”

  1. stfu you guys know about degrassi?!??? I just died a little inside. My love for the production line just great ten times…Hollis’s fiance should be concerned.

    1. Uh… I don’t see Hollis’ name anywhere on this post. I just don’t want to get him or his lovely fiance in trouble.

      My wife got me into it. She digs it. I’m kinda hooked. We had an argument about who’s hotter… Mia or Manny. It’s no contest in my book, but would love your input.

      1. But Michael, I don’t have any pictures of you to compare to the adorable dark haired Hollis. My hockey blog crush has to remain on Hollis. He is adorable. That fuzzy facial hair?? Come on, he’s a cutie.

        1. Why Marco? You know he’s gay. You should have given the girls someone better to gawk at….like…Declan was semi-okay; I mean he was loaded. That teacher Paige slept with was pretty hot too.

        2. Mia is a ho. I’d take Manny any day over Mia. Mia had a baby at age 14!!! You can’t touch the sides with her.

        3. Paige was always a fave for me. I have a personal preference for the spirit squad being a former cheerleader. But this season, omg FIONA!!!! Hello, the super hot rich lesbian. Come on, Michael. She could have been loss candy for ALL of us.

        4. Can you believe Eli and Claire? He’s such a nut. I’m ready for him to get written off the show.

        And now I think I’ve said a little too much about degrassi.

        Go Wings.

        1. 1. Totally aware that Marco’s gay. As is Adamo Ruggiero in real life. My wife thinks he’s the most beautiful male that’s ever been on the show. I think Zane is pretty handsome, but Marco is rather hunky — gay or not.

          2. Fuuuuuuuck that. If I’m a 16-year-old in high school with the character Mia, I’d probably think the same as you. But Nina Dobrev — Good lord is she gorgeous. And if anyone’s a hoe, it’s Manny. She may not have had a baby, but she blew through Craig Manning (WITH WHOM SHE ABORTED A POTENTIAL CHILD), Sully, Spinner, J. Fucking T., Damian, and Douchebag Jay. Come on, now… challenge me. =)

          3. I hated Paige. I’m fucking thrilled that heifer is off the show. Fiona is cute, but I can only stand her for thirty or forty second bursts and then I need her to shut up and go away. Speaking of cute girls from the Paige days, though… I dug Ellie. She was adorable. And so was Darcy, once she got over the whole Bible Camp thing she had going on.

          4. Eli MAY be crazy, but he’s good(ish) looking and Claire should be dropping to her knees, thanking her big fat cow stars that he’s even aware she exists. Boom. I just went there. It IS the most go-there-ingest show in TV, they tell me.

          1. I am not into thin men. As evidenced by my cyber crush on hollis (OOOHHH BURN!) Thus, Marco is a no go. No Marco. No. Oh! That Doctor guy of Anya’s is a hottie, if not a pedophile.

            Manny is a ho. She did get like full herpes kind of. But Mia had her baby with that total loser guy brother of Jane’s. THEN she sucked off the football player guy to get a modelling job. Her priorities are all askew.

            True, Fiona should be seen and not heard. I liked Ellie, but I prefered Jane. She was sassy and tough.

            Eli is a total emo-lame-o. He sucks and his hair sucks and his hearse sucks and his writing sucks and his parents suck. Eli sucks. Claire got her eyes done and cut her hair and isn’t quite so lame. She’s not as fat as effing JENNA, who also totally sucks and is a super bad friend for stealing KC away from Claire.

            Also, I like Holly J, as she is hot, sassy, smart, and kind of a bitch. She was great in the stripping scene with Sav, no??

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