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By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Octodrama: a Red Wings fan cited for tossing the traditional cephalopod onto the ice at Joe Louis Arena. It’s been covered beautifully by our friends Matt Saler and George Malik, and we certainly won’t step on their news-reporting toes. We will say that the NHL stepping in — in between periods, no less — to try to put a stop to one of hockey’s most storied traditions is one more in a long line of spineless, stupid moves from a League that clearly has no goddamn idea how to connect with fans that have been around since before 1996.

Red Wings fans aren’t known for shutting up, sitting down, and minding their business. We make noise when something pisses us off (Operation: Curly Fries), we pay for half of the damn teams south of the Mason Dixon, we’re going to splash our glorious red all over the ridiculous White Out that’s worked a grand total of zero times in that godforsaken desert.

And we’ll probably throw some more octopuses (or octopi, if you prefer).

Show your support of a tradition older than 24 National Hockey League teams. Visit The Production Line Store and buy your FREE THE OCTOPI shirt now.

Go Red Wings.

16 thoughts on “FREE THE OCTOPI”

  1. I still can’t believe that he did it in between periods. More and more I am beginning to think that Garry Bettmen want’s to be the hockey equivalent of Emperor Palpatine.

  2. i only wish that this shirt could arrive before the games this coming week. and also that i didn’t just place an order. but i may just have to place another one.

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t be produced until early next week, and SHOULD be at homes by late next week, or early the following week. You could have it for Game 6, if the Coyotes are lucky enough to have one of those.

  3. You’re not allowed to call the desert “godforsaken” unless you’ve visited.

    But yes to everything else.

    1. For the record, I’ve been to Phoenix several times, for several reasons. Truth be told, it’s lovely. I’m sure it’s a wonderful place to live. Play hockey? Less so.

      Also, I dislike heat. Even dry heat, MIKE SERVEN.

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  6. twitter: thegansen

    christ in a sidecar.

    first, if the NHL is concerned about its overall product, fire auger immediately and start calling games evenly, then we can talk about the octopi.

    that cheap one out of the way:

    dear bettman, et al.,


    if i’m right, take a quick break, then show a quick clip of it, then have whoever explain the tradition, then move on.

    (a note to octopi-tossing fans. if you are sophisticated enough know to to toss them, to sneak them in, and to wait for Just The Right Moment(TM), be sophisticated enough to do it when it won’t cost the wings, or the league, much in the way of TV time or money. i mean, we understand if it’s a tying or go-ahead goal, within reason. or, if you don’t care, at least try. and, if you don’t at least try, i don’t care, because it’s always going to be awesome, because it’s just plain awesome.)

    all that said: if it’s a problem with tv time or advertisers, the league must tell networks to have a quick ad package ready to go for any time this happens. listen: somehow, the NCAA basketball tourney has found a way to make itself unwatchable during the last 3 minutes of every tight game due to a combo of futile timeouts, futile fouls, futile 20-or-whatever-second commercials, and mostly-futile free throws, or some bastardized combo of the previous. you’re telling me the NHL can’t burn the same amount of time on commercials and/or some time explaining the need for the break instead of this heavyhanded move? again, it’s not like its going to last for 10 minutes of TV time. also, please remember, you suits: it’s PART OF THE PLAYOFFS.

    oh, also: remember the crowds who are paying for tickets? they want the octopi. remember the people watching TV? by and large, so do they! still, the NHL wants to tangle with a harmless tradition dating back decades when the solution is pretty easy and far more fan-friendly. weak.

    1. twitter: thegansen

      (btw: i hope and expect the red wings overall carry more weight with the DPD and the city of detroit than the NHL does. so, NHL, go f yourselves. go wings.)

      1. twitter: thegansen

        (oh, one last: why don’t you kick the sh*t out of a depressed detroit economy a bit more, NHL? christ…)

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