By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Octodrama: a Red Wings fan cited for tossing the traditional cephalopod onto the ice at Joe Louis Arena. It’s been covered beautifully by our friends Matt Saler and George Malik, and we certainly won’t step on their news-reporting toes. We will say that the NHL stepping in — in between periods, no less — to try to put a stop to one of hockey’s most storied traditions is one more in a long line of spineless, stupid moves from a League that clearly has no goddamn idea how to connect with fans that have been around since before 1996.

Red Wings fans aren’t known for shutting up, sitting down, and minding their business. We make noise when something pisses us off (Operation: Curly Fries), we pay for half of the damn teams south of the Mason Dixon, we’re going to splash our glorious red all over the ridiculous White Out that’s worked a grand total of zero times in that godforsaken desert.

And we’ll probably throw some more octopuses (or octopi, if you prefer).

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Go Red Wings.