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WIIM’s Playoff Prediction Contest AND Doggie Fundraiser

Well, here we go, Hockeytown. In a few days, our boys in Red and White are going to embark on a journey that will end one of two ways — returning hockey’s holy chalice to its rightful place in Motown… or heartbreak. As we gear up for Wednesday night’s first game against the Phoenix Coyotes, some preparations need to take place. I’ll be shaving on Tuesday night and won’t be shaving again until the Red Wings are swigging their favorite beverage from the beautiful, arched rim of Lord Stanley’s grail. Chances are very good you’ll be seeing less of me on Twitter, since I can’t tweet and pace the room at the same time.

Something I’m going to be doing as soon as possible is joining Winging it in Motown’s inaugural playoff prediction contest. Each correctly predicted winner (and game totals) will bring you closer to bragging rights and immortality among Red Wings fans.

To sweeten the pot a tiny bit, the fine fellows at WIIM, On the Wings, and The Production Line are offering a prize pack that contains t-shirts and internet fame if you’re entry into the contest is accompanied with the proof e-mail that you’ve donated to Michigan Humane Society and helped to get Patrick Eaves out of the doghouse. The top predictor who has also donated $10 will win some swag from their favorite Red Wings blogs.

You remember Patrick’s hilariously gigantic doggie Rueben. When we posted last week, he was only 39% of the way to his goal. In the few days since then, he’s nearly doubled that — just under 70% as of this writing. I’m confident that with WIIM’s tournament’s help and your continued generosity, we can hit that goal and we can do it before the parade through Campus Martius.

Go Wings! Go Winging it! Go Humane Society!

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  1. Crater from SoCal

    I shaved this morning and thats it for me. Couldn’t grow too great of facial last time I tried (Last year) We’ll see about this year. Is 23 the year I can grow a great playoff beard?

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