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Loss Candy :: Everybody Coming Up Short

Final (Hi Mr. P)

Canes 3 Wings 0


Before we go any further here, let me offer the sincerest of apologies for not getting a pre-game post up today. While we thoroughly enjoy entertaining all of you before and after every Wings game, there’s always some times when real life has to intervene, and that unfortunately was what happened today. Since I was slated to handle the pre-game, I’ll take the heat and blame.

That said, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time on this game. While the intensity was there, so were the careless mistakes that the Wings must get rid of before the playoffs start. Otherwise, it’ll be a very short postseason.

At any rate, the big news in obviously the Zetterberg injury, so allow me to just cut to the chase and provide you all with something to help take your mind off of his ankle while we wait for more news…

Loss Candy

Yes, the theme today is “milk.” We all know it does a body good and the Wings need any infusion of good they can get right now, especially when it comes to having a healthy team.

Skinner goal photo courtesy of  Chris Seward/Raleigh News & Observer