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Help Patrick — and Rueben — Eaves get out of the doghouse

The Detroit Red Wings organization, its players, and its fans are the furthest thing from strangers to a good cause. In the two years we’ve been involved with H2H, I’m proud to say that we’ve raised just under $20,000 for Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the Red Wings just announced that they’ve teamed with The Canadian Club to give $10,000 to the USO.

Something that hits close to home is animal rescue and safety. I grew up with dogs (and cats), worked on a television series about rescuing abused and neglected dogs, my wife and I are moving out of New York soon — and among the reasons at the very top of the list is so that we can have a large yard and rescue a dog (or 19).

When I heard about the Humane Society teaming up with Patrick Eaves, I contacted them immediately — as in, before I closed the browser window. I wanted to partner with them all season, in hopes to bring TPL’s fundraising ways to a cause that sincerely means the world to me. Sadly, we weren’t able to come together and make that happen, but I’d still like to urge everyone to spare a few dollars and help Patrick Eaves get out of the doghouse!

As of this writing, Patrick and his (outrageously massive) Newfie Rueben are about $3,000 away from their season-long goal. Anyone that loves their pet as much as Eaves does, and treats them (correctly) as a member of their family, has my vote.

If you have a few bucks to spare this month, consider giving to the Humane Society or your local shelter. Go now before I start relaying the awful, AWFUL stories I heard every day working at Animal Planet.

When you’re done, check out this adorable (and heartbreaking) video featuring both Eaves’ on the ice at Joe Louis.

6 thoughts on “Help Patrick — and Rueben — Eaves get out of the doghouse”

  1. screw patrick eaves. He should be out there beating up cab drivers and not going games or practice because he is nursing hangovers…like a real hockey player.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, but please, for the love of god don’t tell those stories. On a related note, I had a dog that looked exactly like ruben, and if you are looking at shelter dogs and see a newfie, get him!

  3. Newfies are the best. I want one so much – but I know I couldn’t handle a dog that outweighs me by that much, and I don’t have the room to give it a proper home.

    No need to tell me stories – my youngest sis is a vet, and she needs to know how animals are abused (including by dog-fighters) so she can recognize it, the same way a pediatrician needs to know how to identify child abuse. My family has collectively rescued seven dogs, three cats, and three rabbits (and I want to add to the dog total as soon as I can get the money to fence in my back yard so a pup can run free).

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