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DOUBLE Loss Candy! :: The Pain is Only Temporary

FINAL (Hi Mr. P!)

Hawks 3 Wings 2 (OT)


  • I’ll hold off on the Bertuzzi hit until later, as I think we’ve finally hit the situation that so many of us have been secretly worrying about ever since the hit on Steve Moore. I’ll preface the forthcoming article with this: From where this blogger sits, it was a dirty hit. Folks will argue intent, but intent doesn’t hold water in today’s NHL. Whether meant or not, elbow/shoulder contacted head, and if we as a fan base are going to pass judgment on the rest of the league’s offenders, then we have to hold our own team to the same standard.
  • The legend of Brad Watson continues to grow in Detroit, with questionable calls pockmarking the road all night long. Was it his fault the Wings lost? Probably not. Just like we said in the pre-game, this team just doesn’t seem to have the killer instinct that marks a championship team, and one can only hope that it will make itself evident when the playoffs finally roll around. Sure, the hooking call on Zetterberg pretty much put the nail in the coffin tonight, but this Wings team has a bad habit of cutting these games way too close and it’s time that they start making their own luck through skill and execution.
  • For all the doubt that has existed around Joey Mac this year, is it that crazy to think that maybe he becomes the backup to Jimmy Howard next season? I’m sure Chris Osgood has other thoughts, but the Oz is more distraction than anything at this point, and one begins to wonder if his head is really in a place where he can successfully accommodate an 82 game season anymore. Don’t take this as hate, but Joey Mac’s effort has been pretty much outstanding over the last month and the guy is winning me over. Is he my first choice for the backup role next year? Absolutely not. But he’s not the worst option while the Wings wait for McCollum to get his game to the NHL standard.

Enough talk. Let’s get to the loss candy, which is a double feature tonight since @Detroit4LyfeRob asked so nicely.

First, some ladies to help ease the pain of the gentlemen:

Josie Maran gets this party started, and boy that rock sure looks like its enjoying the festivities.

Next up is the lovely Jessica Lowndes, who knows how to look comfortable even on the hardest of stairs.

Now, let’s take care of our lovely female readership…

Looking…dapper…it’s Marco Dapper. Is that a Zetter-onesie he’s got on?

Finally, Tyler Batchel contemplates Jonathan Ericsson’s game…or lack thereof.

MacDonald and Toews courtesy of David Guralnick  and The Detroit News

8 thoughts on “DOUBLE Loss Candy! :: The Pain is Only Temporary”

  1. Tyler Batchel’s (who?) chin is inhuman.

    I wonder how this whole Osgood saga is going to play out, especially if KH was reportedly very unhappy with the “I’m better! Wait no I’m not! Wait, yes I am. Ah ha! Nope” nonsense.

  2. Guy #1: Totally hot, Wikipedia him. Go on, do it. My favorite thing I have read all day (Also, Veronica Mars, completely awesome). Guy #2, also hot, weird chin, I can look past that, Google tells me there are more, um, interesting pictures you could have used. I totally know who picked these guys, keep up the good work, lord knows these three can’t pick them.

    1. SMOOOOOOOTH move editing that comment…

      Thing is… we still get the unedited comment in our e-mail. Admittedly hot guys and we STILL get kicked in the groin?! =)

      That’s it. Whenever it’s my turn to post Loss Candy, I’m finding the butt ugliest motherfuckers on the planet. Get ready for TONS of the Goonies cast.

      1. Crap. Busted. I stand by the unedited comment though. As guys who dig girls, I can’t expect you to excel in the choosing hot guys department. You can post the Goonies cast as long as it’s Josh Brolin. Otherwise, leave the man candy to the experts.

  3. Few things,

    First, Brad Watson can go fuck himself, even if it wasn’t his fault we lost. He’s still a tremendous dickweed.

    Second, lacking killer instinct is a nice way to put it… I can think of some not-so-nice-ways, but I’m a nice girl, and I’ll STFU. Let me just say I totally agree with you guys though… these Wings are not showing championship chops.

    Third, the loss candy is lovely and I’ll take anyone of them or any combination you could throw at me. Could we perhaps lose the gender specific terms on who is to enjoy each picture? 😉

  4. Crater from SoCal

    TPL needs to corner Milbury and show him video of this hit which is apparently “Chicken Poop” and the Stuart Jaw smasher which was a “Great Hockey Hit” and kick him in the balls. You know, vocally, rip him a new one and corner him like the rat he is and publicize it for everyone to hear.

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