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Bertuzzi Kuzzi

No less than 700,000 people have already asked where they can get one of these. The man behind the genius told me to have you all e-mail him if you’re interested. Like I mentioned, he doesn’t have a store or anything, but he does have some lying around. Coordinate with him and see if you can pry one (or ten) from his hands: alvinbrant @ yahoo . com

A few weeks ago, we received an e-mail from one of our intelligent, handsome readers in South Carolina. Alvin said that he had a few of these little guys made to keep his beverages “nice and cold,” and he (correctly) thought that we might like to have a few for our Tuzz Collection. He was kind enough to send us four — one of each of us here at TPL — and we wanted to share the awesomesauce with you.

He doesn’t have a storefront or anything (YET), but he may have a handful left if there’s interest. I’ll tell you one thing — they came in handy at H2H2. All four of us had our Kuzzis and they were put to good use at Hockeytown Cafe and Joe Louis, which I’m sure Alvin will love to hear. If you ask us, it’s the perfect compliment to the Shirtuzzi.

21 thoughts on “Bertuzzi Kuzzi”

  1. I received my first Kuzzi as I sat at the bar with Alvin last week watching the Wings beat the Blues – they are as cool as they look. Word on the street is some have made their way into Joe Louis Arena.

    1. Stevie… she’s our artist extraordinaire with the golden ticket to post whatever the hell she wants.

  2. The #44 in your program, #1 in your heart line always makes me think of Keanu Reaves and The Replacements.

  3. I still have some of these things to get rid of…and if demand is great enough I can get more made. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and purchased some so far, I had no idea the demand would be so great!

  4. Monday morning update….Thanks to all of you who have contacted me thus far. I still have quite a few of these glorious things lying around, so don’t be shy….Special thanks to the person from Colorado who ordered some, that is as long as they were not purchased with the intention of burning them!

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