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Ugly Third Jersey Gallery (well… half of it)

Oohwee, we’ve got some ugly jerseys to share. Over the past few weeks, Etched in Cold and The Production Line have received several dozen submissions: some of them hand-drawn, others photoshopped. A few were made in paint, a few were copy-and-pasted from images found all over the place.

One thing we can all agree on: they’re horrible. In a good way.

Rob from EIC and I have decided we’d display all of the submissions — so we can all soak in the ugly, share a laugh, and discuss which ones are the “best.” As soon as you’re done checking these out…head on over there and see the other half. Pretty soon, Rob will throw everyone’s opinions into the matrix and decide which designs are the ugliest. Or the prettiest. I’m not really sure what we’re after here…

Click each of the images to launch them into larger versions (I hope). Without further ado…

@spacecityhockey's BDS-inspired jersey
@joe_sales' Brett Lebda of Ugliness
@TheTripleDeke's Bear with Wings

@captnorris5's MuleFucker
@captnorris5's Sleeveless Lebda/Lilja
@captnorris5's Euro-Inspired Ad-bomination
@JennHo's Tie-Dye Color Vomitorium
Robert Wilson's T-1000 Hybrid
@drdougfresh's Bolts-Inspired Concept
@drdougfresh's Where's Waldo Concept
Marko's Old English D Puck
Trisha's Texturized Hems
Matt Byle's Blue Winged Wheel
@HTStatic's Ted Lindsay Guardian W/Pizza Gun
Andrea's Caddy w/Wing Wheels

9 thoughts on “Ugly Third Jersey Gallery (well… half of it)”

  1. So many are so awesome. And awesomely terrifying, because I think the NHL might see them and try to foist them upon us. Really. I feel like this is tempting the powers that be in a v. v. v. bad way.

    Ted Lindsay Pizza Gun. Yuuuuup… I cracked up, audibly. Also at Tyler’s Bear with Wings. Brilliant in its simplicity. 😀

  2. The creativity shown by all is brilliant. It is hard to judge what to consider the best of ugly jerseys. From the perspective of something in a twisted world I could see becoming a real third jersey I would have to go with the “T-1000 inspired”. From just a laugh out loud I have to go with Tyler’s Bear with wings.

  3. Yeah… this is kind of hard. I actually think the TieDye Vomitorium jersey is the ugliest concept… but the ugliest “quite possible” jersey nightmare has to be the Ad-bomination. And then there’s the classic laugh out louds… dang.

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