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Loss Candy: …Um…Yea. Loss Candy.

32 seconds.

That’s the exact amount of time I watched in tonight’s game. It was all I needed to watch.

I turned the stinkfest on just in time to watch the puck get centered to Jarret Boll and go behind Jimmah, and I figured my Friday night would probably be better spent on the couch with my fiancée watching The Kids Are Alright. No, I’m not joking…

So rather than try and pump out something witty and insightful, I settled for a half-assed headline and a giant boatload of laziness.

The best course of action? Loss candy. We’ll regroup tomorrow in Nashville.

(Sidenote: Everyone pester Petrella to ask the Wings weird and awkward questions while he’s on Red Bird One with the team tonight. We all want to know which Disney princess gets Hudler’s engine revved up.)

For the lads: Doutzen Kroes. Gezundheit (even though she’s Danish).

For the womenz: Chris Hemsworth aka CH. We share initials…and looks.