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Red Wings Ugly Third Jersey Contest

I bet you can't make yours uglier than this.

Like so many others before it, a brilliant idea was born on Twitter last week. Red Wings Nation patriots and good friends of The Production Line, Rob (@etchedincold), Jason (@sigsegfalt), and Sara (@thetinnishflash) were discussing how awesome — and horrifying — an Red Wings Ugly Third Jersey Photoshop Contest could be. Rob asked us to help spread the word, and we happily obliged.

For the next two weeks, we’re happy to collect submissions (along with Etched In Cold) of your Photoshopped (or Microsoft Painted, if that’s more your speed) abominations of sweatertastic ugliness. It’s difficult to make the beauty of the Winged Wheel into something less than awesomesauce, but as we all know (except for 28 other NHL teams, apparently), third jerseys are inherently stupid and almost always uglier than the (already ugly) jerseys many teams sport on a daily basis.

The Wings have made it clear: they won’t be adding a third jersey to their arsenal, hopefully ever. They’ve worn a special jersey for the 75th anniversary of the League, they (reluctantly) agreed to wear something special for the Winter Classic, but there have been very few changes to the sweater for the last, oh, 80 years.

Here’s your chance to experiment, and win some prizes doing it. We won’t spoil the prizes — head over to EIC for details about those. But if you’ve got something in mind, and think it’ll be ugly enough go grace these pages, and the pages at EIC, send them our way. At the end of each week, each site will be displaying a handful of submissions and open the favorites up to a vote. The winner will be announced February 10th, the day before the pledge games begin. You have until February 8th to get a submission into one of our inboxes.

Bring on the ugly!

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